Recently I did some modifications in ARWebZone including post navigation links, CSS styling, Fonts Changing etc. While I was searching for a suitable font for my blog, I came across some free online font detector tools. If you search over the internet for Free fonts then you will see hundreds of results. Sometimes selection also becomes difficult if you have hundreds of options.

An easier way to find a suitable font is to use Font identifier tools. Recently I found a website with a stylish text but I didn’t knew the name of that font. I searched and found some handy tools that can detect any type of font from webpages. There are also some online websites that automatically detect font from images. So this article will also help you out to find the best apps that can detect fonts name from websites, images, PDF documents etc.

Best Online Font Detector Tools and Apps

Font Detector Online Tools

1- Detect Font from Websites

Chrome Extension: Whatfont is a great extension for Google chrome that can identify fonts from any website. You will just have to install this extension in your browser and then refresh the website from which you want to extract its font name. Now simple move your mouse cursor over the text you want to identify and a popup with your mouse cursor will tell you its font name. If you click on the text then it will provide more details including font size, line height and color etc. A download/reference link of the font will also be given in the popup. So, now you can download/use it anywhere.

Firefox Addon: If you are a Mozilla Firefox user then here I have a handy add-on that you should install in your browser. It can easily identify and show selected text font, size, weight and variant. With the help of this extension, users can also download fonts without leaving the website. Select the text, press the right click button and under Download Font menu you will find a link to download it. This addon is compatible with the latest version of Firefox.

2- Detect Font Online from Images

Whatfontis (link): It is an online website where you will have to upload an image from which you want to extract the font name. You can also enter the URL of image if it is available somewhere online. Select whether the font is lighter or darker in color as compared to the background and finally press the big Continue button.After analyzing your image, it will extract all text characters out of it. You will have to enter the same alphabets in front of each image and press the continue button again. Finally it will output the font used in picture.

For accurate results, make sure that the alphabets in the image are not mixing with each other. The accuracy also depends upon the quality of image you provide.

MyFonts (link): Here is another handy tool that can identify font from images. You can upload image from computer or specify its URL. Press the green arrow button and it will extract all alphabets from your image. Enter the same alphabets in the relevant text boxes and click the continue button to get the name of your required font. This tool will only tell you the font name if it is available in their database. Else it will list a number of fonts closely resembling the one in the image.

3- Detect Fonts from PDF Documents

By Using Adobe Acrobat: First of all open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat reader. Then from the file menu click on Properties option. A new window containing all document properties will be opened. Click on the fonts tab and there you will find a list of all fonts used in that documents.

By PDF to DOC Conversion: Another option Is to convert PDF file to DOC format and open it in Microsoft Word. Now in MS Word, you will be able to edit the document. By selecting text from any part of document, it will give you its font family, its name, size, weight etc.  You can easily do PDF to DOC conversion just by sending an email.

So, these are some easy methods to identify unknown font names from websites, Images and PDF Documents. If you want to include any useful tool in the list then feel free to comment below.

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