Fruit Ninja is an amazing juicy game for Android as well as Windows & iOS devices. It’s not a new game and I think you will already be familiar with it. Fruit Ninja has been developed by the famous Half Brick developers. With the popularity of its basic version, a number of new ones are being released by the Half Brick Company.

Fruit Ninja game is a much popular game among android users. So here in this article I am sharing Fruit Ninja APK direct download links. You can download the Fruit Ninja APK for android from the links given here and install the game directly on your Android device without using Play Store. The APK will also be useful whenever you reset your device. So if you have APK file then you will be able to install it instantly without downloading it again. You can also share the Fruit Ninja APK with your friends so that they an also install it without internet connection.

Fruit Ninja - Symbian Belle Game

Following are the latest available version of Fruit Ninja.

  1. Fruit Ninja
  2. Fruit Ninja Kinect
  3. Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

The first one is a basic version that is available for Android, Windows, iOS devices and also for PS vista. Whereas fruit Ninja Kinect can only be played on Xbox and the third one Is also for android and iPhone. More information about these versions of Fruit Ninja can be found on their official website.

About Fruit Ninja Cheats and Hacks

Fruit Ninja cheats are being searched by many people on the internet. In actual no cheat or hack can actually be applied in Fruit Ninja. All you can do is to unlock the hidden blades, backgrounds and exciting new stuff. Below are the unlockable that you can unlock by by completing the specific tasks that are mentioned below (source: gamespot)

Slice 50 Bannanas.

Disco Blade [BLADE]

Lose Classic Mode with a score of 42.

Mr. Sparkle [BLADE]

Follow Halfbrick Studios on Facebook or Twitter.

Pixel Love [BLADE]

Lose Classic Mode with a score of 50.

Old Glory [BLADE]

Get a combo with a Strawberry 40 times.

Butterfly Knife [BLADE]

Get a combo in Zen Mode after the timer stops.

Flame Blade [BLADE]

Slice 20 Freeze Banannas in Arcade Mode.

Ice Blade [BLADE]

Get a score of 125 in Clasic Mode, and do not drop a fruit the entire time.

Fruit Ninja [BACKGROUND]

Read 3 of Sensei’s Fruit Facts. [Basically lose 3 times]

I Heart Sensei [BACKGROUND]

Slice 150 Watermelons.

Great Wave [BACKGROUD]

Slice 75 Passionfruits.


Slice 3 pineapples in a row in Clasic Mode.

Mr. Sparkle [FULL VERSION]

Get a score of 175 in Zen Mode while upside-down. [Be sure to lock it]

The Shadow ]BLADE]

Get 50 combos in Classic mode.


Get 100 Critical Slices.

Piano Blade [BLADE]

Slice nothing but the Strawberries in Arcade Mode.

Party Time [BLADE]

Play a full game of Zen Mode every day for 5 days.

Bamboo Shoot [BLADE]

Read 3 of Sensei’s Fruit Facts that are about Strawberries.

I Heart Sensei [FULL VERSION]

Lose Classic Mode with a score of 208.

The Firecracker [BLADE]

Slice 384 peaches (lifetime).

Chinese Zodiac [BACKROUND]

In Zen Mode, get 6 Peachy Times. (Requires Gutsu’s Cart)

Rainbow Blade [BLADE]

Play 15 games with Berry Blasts active. (Requires Gutsu’s Cart)

Water Blade [BLADE]

Slice a Dragonfruit in Classic Mode.

King Dragon Blade [BLADE]

Get 50 points in Classic Mode without slicing 2 of the same fruit in a slice.

Calligraphy Brush [BLADE]

Purchase for 10,000 Starfruit. (Grinding is a must unless you can tolerate microtransactions)

Lightning Bolt [BLADE]

Play one game of Online Versus Mode.

Cloud Kicker [BLADE]

Purchase for 10,000 Starfruit. (Grinding is a must unless you can tolerate microtransactions)

Sakura Slicer [BLADE]

Slice a Starfruit in a combo.

Gutsu & Truffles [BACKGROUND]

With Bomb Deflects active, play Arcade Mode 6 times. DO NOT use the Bomb Deflects. (Requires Gutsu’s Cart)

Kign Dragon [BACKGROUND]

Get 20 total bonuses in Arcade Mode, without any repeats.

Parchment [BACKGROUND]

Purchase for 3000 Starfruit. (Grinding is a must unless you can tolerate microtransactions)

Storm Castle [BACKGROUND]

Get a score of 200 in Arcade Mode after bonuses.

Cloudy Skies [BACLGROUND]

Purchase for 5000 Starfruit. (Grinding is a must unless you can tolerate microtransactions)

Cherry Blossom [BACKGROUND]

Fruit Ninja APK Direct Download

You can first download the Fruit Ninja APK file via computer and then copy it to your mobile device. Now enable installation of apps from unknown sources from the settings panel of your android device. Open the  APK file with the help of file manager and follow the instructions in order to complete the installation process. Finally run the game and enjoy slicing of juicy fruits with your finger as a cutter.

I hope that you will enjoy playing this addictive action game on your android device.

Fruit Ninja APK you can download free from the below given links.

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