Backlinks or link building is the most popular and common technique used to increase the authority of webpages. Websites with more quality backlinks from high authority sites will lead to higher page rank and better alexa ranking. This will also improve the ranking of your website in Search Engine Results. Also remember that is the quality and not the quantity of backlinks which will boost the popularity of your website. Getting 2 or 3 back links from High Ranked websites are better than getting 100’s of low quality backlinks from crappy websites.

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No-Follow and Do-Follow Backlinks

Backlinks can be no-follow or do-follow. The difference betweeen these 2 is that when a rel=”nofollow” tag is inserted in the html link tag of any URL, it will inform the crawlers not to follow the mentioned URL means that the backlinks will not be helpful to boost the ranking of that URL where as of rel=”dofollow” tag is placed in the link, then  the it the authority of referring page will be shared to the linked page. This does not means that there is no importance of getting nofollow backlinks. If you get one or 2 backlinks from high authority websites you will surely get targeted traffic from there and that is the topic i am going to discuss here.


Common methods of Generating Backlinks

There are different ways of getting backlinks and most common methods are mentioned below:

  • Commenting On Relevant Blogs
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Book Marking
  • Internal Linking


Today, i am going to discuss about getting backlinks from well known websites which are accessed daily by millions of people from all over the world. Yes, these include Facebook, Wikepidia,Youtube


Facebook,the most popular social networking website can also help you to get a backlink which will become a source of social traffic for your blog/website. Remember that in the coming days, Traffic from Social media networks like Facebook,Google+,Twitter e.t.c is going to play a big role in the SEO industry. As Google is introducing Google Authorship feature which will be solely based on your Social Media Engagement.

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You can get also backlink from Facebook by Creating a Page for you website/blog and putting the url of your website in the website box and also in the about box. Another way is to create a Note and Write a description about your blog there. Also remember that Facebook Notes may include  HTML tags. Surely, you can upload images and create a stylish page about your website in Facebook Notes and also share a link to it. Do not forget to set the privacy of your note to Public, so that it will also be crawled by Search Engines and can be seen by Anyone.


As i already discussed about Google authorship in the above paragraph, you should also keep in mind that Google Authorship is mainly dependent on Google+ engagement link circles,+1s,shares e.t.c as compared to other social networks. In order to have a backlink from Google+ , just login at Google+ with your Google account and go to the about tab of your profile and click in edit profile button. Scroll down and you will see the heading named Contributed To there. Click there and add a link to your website.

Also create a brand page about your website on Google+ and the link your website to it.



The third website in my list is wikipedia. The above mentioned sites are much known for back links but getting backlinks from Wikipedia is not much common. Wikipedia is the best source of information about any thing including latest  technology, Trends, People e.t.c and it provide information from all over the world. Wikipedia is also appears in top searches results by Google  Also, anyone can easily edit the content published on Wikipedia. So, first you have to search wikipedia for topic related to your website and if its seems good,you can insert your website link in the external links portion at the end of article.



YouTube,the popular video website can also be a source of traffic for you. Its viewed by millions of people world wide. You can upload videos there just by getting logged in to your Google account and then you can edit your profile and place your website URL there. Also you can create a video for your website or products and upload it at YouTube  Do comment on other YouTube videos so that your profile gets more popular over YouTube. Try to get subscriptions there and you will surely get bunch of visitors from YouTube.



The last website i am going to discuss with you will be much more helpful then all those mentioned above. Technorati is one of the popular web directory of blogs with a Page Rank of 8. Another interesting thing about it is that they provide dofollow backlinks. First of all you have to signup there at technorati. Complete your profile and add your blog to their list by selecting the related categories. You have to verify the authorship of your blog by embedding a code provided by them. After their bot crawls the embedded code then you can remove the code from your blog. Finally, Technorati team will email you about approval of your blog with in a week or two. The newly published posts will be automatically crawled by their bots.




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