There are many new people entering in the blogosphere, creating new blogs and working their best to get better position in the blogosphere than others. So, competition is the blogging industry is increasing day by day. There are dozens of blogs available on different niches with quality information and good repute online. So, in order to compete with those blogs, get better ranking in search engines and targeted traffic you will have to work hard to maintain your blog. There are many people spending a lot of time on their blog maintenance and producing quality content but still do not get any targeted traffic to their blog. So, in my this article, i am going to share some killer blogging tricks which must be followed and every blogger must have to work on these tips in order to targeted traffic and better rankings in Google search.

Blog submission to Search Engines

Search Engines are the primary source of targeted traffic for blogs. Imagine, if your blog is not listed in the search engine directories, will they be able to show your blog in the results? So, you will have to submit all of your pages to search engines in the form of a file called sitemap. The search engines will then crawl your website and within 2-3 days, you website will start listing in the search engines.

In order to create a sitemap for wordpress blogs, simply download and install Google XML sitemap plugin and install it. After creating sitemap, you will get your sitemap URL like 

Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing.


Informative Content

After creating your blog, focus on posting quality content. Only write on those topics about which you have enough knowledge and before writing a post, first do some search over the internet to gather all the information related to what you are writing for. Also keep a keyword in your mind known as focus keyword and your entire post should revolve around that focus keyword. It will help you to drive more targeted traffic from search engines. Focus keyword should also be selected by doing research using Google keyword Research Tool. Select those keywords for which the keyword competition is low or medium as per suggested by Google keyword research tool.



Another way to get targeted traffic to new blogs is commenting on blogs related to your niche. Here, I am focusing on related blogs, because there is no benefit of getting visitors who are not interested in your content and this will affect the bounce rate of your blog. Commenting on other blogs will make your blog known to other bloggers and their visitors. Create a list of blogs related to your niche, read their posts regularly as it will also increase your knowledge related to niche and commenting on those will blogs will also help you to drive targeted traffic to your own blog. Use Google search to find related blogs. E.g. if you are producing content related to technology then you can search Google for, “Technology blogs” and it will show popular technology blogs. You can also use Technorati to find blogs related to your niche.

Social Media presence

In 2013, the impact of Social media traffic is much more increased. You can not only rely on traffic from Search Engines because if Google penalize any blog ( Google Panda or Google Penguin penalty) then it will surely drop traffic even upt0 80%. So, social media presence is very important. Create a business page at Facebook and share your posts and other updates regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Submit your articles regularly on Stumble upon by selecting relevant category in order to get targeted visitors.


Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on other blogs can also make you and your blog popular over the internet. Even you can get some targeted traffic by doing guest blogging. Many blogs accept guest articles from other bloggers because it also helps them to get a decent traffic. Write an informative guest post for other blogs and link back to your blog. Quality guest post not only provides targeted traffic but also do-follow backlinks which will rank increase the authority of your blogs.

What are the methods you adopt to get targeted traffic to your blog? Feel free to share with us in comments. 🙂


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