Long Awaited Google Page Rank Update of 2013

It’s been 5 months since Google Page Rank update was noticed on 4th February 2013. Now, everywhere people are asking about the next Page Rank update. I can’t figure this out that why people are anxiously waiting for the next Google PR update?

Search Engine and webmaster forums are filled up with PageRank update discussions. Many people said that Google will update Page rank in June 2013 but it was not released. Now it looks like many people work just for getting higher PR and then sale their sites.  This can be the reason behind delay of PR update.

There were some major Google algorithm changes that were noticed during the past two months. Google Panda updates are now completely merged in Google algorithms and Google Penguin 2.0 was released also released.

Will Google Update Page Rank in July 2013

Google Page Rank Update of july 2013

It seems that Google is now much busier in improvement of search quality instead of providing authorities to new domain after every three months. Recently Google announced that multi-week Google updates are rolling out this week from 27th June to 4th July 2013. So, there are chances that Google may also consider Page Rank update after a long interval of 5 months.

Truth behind Google PR updates

Truth is that no one is aware of the exact time of next Google Page Rank update. We can only guess about the PageRank updates and other stuff.  Mattcutts will tweet and inform the webmaster world just after the next PR update. So let’s hope for the best and see what happens.


If PageRank update delays then?

People work for getting higher Page rank in order to gain more authority. If Google page rank update is not released this time then you should consider other aspects that will help you out to increase traffic.

Long Tail Keywords

You should try to produce well researched and quality content for your blog. If you have a low page rank then it will be very difficult to compete with other authority sites. Try using long Tail keywords in order to get better rankings in Google search results.

Social Media Presence

Try to gain more and more popularity on Social Media networks share your blog updates there. By having a strong presence on Social media networks, you will get more targeted traffic.  With the release of Google algorithm updates, now people are focusing more on Social Media optimization in order to maintain traffic.

At the end, we should hope for the best and let’s see what comes up in next Google Page Rank update of 2013.

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