Comments are very important for blogs and help bloggers to get feedback from their readers. Comment system is the main source of interaction between the blogger and a visitor. The visitor can also be your customer and due to this reason, importance of a good commenting system can not be neglected. With the advancement in Social media, new features are being introduced on daily basis by Facebook as well as Google plus. Social media presence is very much important for blogs and social media networks are also contributing a lot towards blogging platform like WordPress and blogger.

By default, WordPress comes up with a classic commenting system that requires Name, Email and Website URL of the visitor in order to do comment. The default comment system can also be replaced by commenting system like DISQUS  that is being used by thousands of popular blogs and networks. Facebook also released their WordPress plugin to integrate Facebook comments with WordPress. But for bloggers, importance of Google+ is something more than Facebook and recently Google plus also enabled bloggers to integrate Google+ comments system with WordPress.


How to Use Google+ Comments with WordPress?

By using Google Plus Comments plugin you can add Google+ comments to WordPress blogs. Download and install Google+ comments plugin by clicking here. After activation of plugin, go to the comments tab from the WordPress admin menu. Change the width of comments widget if required or apply other settings. Enjoy New Google plus comments on your WordPress blog posts.

Google Plus Comments WordPress

Add Google+ Comments to any Website

If you are not using WordPress and want to allow users to comment on your website using their Google plus account still there is a solution for you. By using a simple HTML code, you can easily embed Google+ comments on your web pages. Use the following HTML code where you want  to display Google+ comments widget.

<script src="">
<g:commentcount href="[URL]"></g:commentcount>

Do not forget to replace the [URL] tag with the URL of the page on which you want to show Google+ comments widget. The above code will also display number of comments on that specific page. You can also adjust the width of Google+ comments widget according to your page size by changing the width parameter.

Google+ comments working on ArWebZone

Which commenting system you prefer for your blog? Feel free to share your experience in comments below. 🙂

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