Round about one and a half year ago, Google launched its own Social Network known as Google plus. Google+ has strengthen its roots and gained a lot of popularity among the internet users. Due to its user friendly interface and easy use, Google plus gained much popularity among people. Actually it is something more than a Social Network and it proved more beneficial to SEO experts and webmasters.  Still there are bloggers who unaware of the power of Google+ and its impact on search traffic. I love to use Google+ and it also helped me a lot to increase organic search traffic to my blog. So, I decided to share my experience of Google+ with my readers, so that they may also take benefits of Google+ for promotion of their content and increasing organic traffic to their blogs.

Impact of Authorship on Search Results

Recently, I have done some research about Google plus and its impact on Search Engine Rankings. I came to conclusion that by building more connections on Google+ you can easily improve your organic search engine rankings.  The myth behind the impact of Google+ activity on search engine rankings is Google Authorship. By verifying authorship of your blog, you can have better rankings in search engines and it will also improve CTR in search results. So, it’s a time to work for Social Media Optimization. I am focusing more on Google plus due to the reason that Google prefers its own Social Network upon others regarding Search Engine Results and rankings.

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How Google plus helps to increase search Traffic

Google plus and Search Engine rankings are linked because Google search results also show content that your Google plus circles shared on their profiles. When you search on Google after logging in to your Google account, the results will be a little different as compared to when you search without signing in to Google account. It is because of the reason that if you plus one something on Google plus, it means that you have liked that post and it will be ranked higher for the people who also contributed plus one to that content. When you +1 anything and the same thing appears in Google search results then you will also see statement like “You have plus one this” in search results. Similarly, content from circles will also be preferred upon other content.

So, following are some Google plus optimization techniques which I adopted to get more benefit out of Google+ in terms of traffic and building readership.

Authorship Verification

By adding rel=”author” tag with the author URL to the content you produce, Search Engines will be notified about the author of that content. A link back to the site will also be required from Google+ profile for verification of authorship. After verification, your snap from Google+ profile will also start showing in Google search results after you verify authorship.  You can use this plugin for authorship verification on wordpress blogs.

Sharing Articles

It is important to keep your Google plus profile updated regarding latest content you produce on your blogs. It will be helpful in letting people know about latest activity on your blog. You can get a decent amount of targeted traffic to you blog by sharing your content regularly with your Google plus circles.


Adding Circles

As I already mentioned, it is required to have more connections on Google plus in order to keep more people updated about your products and website updates. Only adding random people to your circles will not be sufficient. First, search for people related to your niche and add them to your circles. It will be beneficial to generate targeted traffic to your blog. Once you add 20 to 30 people to your circles, Google plus will provide you more suggestions regarding people related to your niche.


Google+ Pages

Create your Business page on Google plus and also share your content there. Your Page should have all the information related to your blog/products/business. Work for collecting more plus one’s on your page by sharing helpful content and letting people know about your Page.


Email to Circles

An amazing feature introduced by Google+ is that you whenever you share something on your Google plus profile, you also have an option to email that to your circles just by selecting the email to circles option. This option can contribute you with an increase in Traffic but I will recommend you to only email shared content with those people who may have interest in reading that content.


Attractive Profile

Having a complete and attractive Google plus profile is very important. Try adding complete information and bio data to your profile. Add profile picture, Cover photo to your Google plus profile and also add links to your blog especially in contributed to section of your profile.

Collect Google +1’s

Always share informative and helpful content with your circles. This will encourage people to +1 your content which will eventually contribute to better rankings of your content in Google search for your circles.

If you have something to say about Google+ and its impact on Search results, feel free to share with us In comments below.

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