Do you know about Google zero gravity tricks? If not then let me tell you that It is one of the most popular Google pranks that one must try on his/her laptop.

Google which is the great giant of Internet industry and the most popular Search Engine often produce fun stuff for their users. For example, on April fool day 2013, Google announced a couple of fun pranks and jokes like Google Nose, Google map treasure mode, Google Cold Searches etc.  I was also amazed when Google Analytics Real-time view showed me Visitors from the International Space Station – Control Room browsing my website, which was also an April Fool prank by Google.

Apart from these April fool pranks, there are some ever-green Google tricks that one can experiment on his PC or laptop and have fun. In this article I will be sharing top Google zero gravity like tricks of 2014. All of these can be performed on Google Search by pressing the I’m feeling lucky button.

So, here comes the list.

Best Google Zero Gravity like Pranks and Tricks

1- Google Zero Gravity

Google Gravity - Funny Google Tricks

Before discussing other pranks let me tell you about Google zero gravity trick that you can perform on Google search. First of all open Google in your web browser and type Google Zero Gravity and instead of searching it, click on Im feeling lucky button and you will see a magic.

2- Google Underwater

It is another prank in which you will see Google search bar, logo and other elements of Google search page floating on the surface of water. An animated view of sea depths with fishes and other sea creatures looks amazing. Interesting fact about this prank is that you can use that page for Google Search as you do normally on  The trick can be performed by typing Google underwater in search and then pressing the same I’m feeling lucky button. Have a look at below snapshot:

Google underwater Prank


3- Google Mirror

If you type Google Mirror and press the Im feeling lucky button then you will see that Google search page and its elements get a mirrored display. Not only this, anything you type in the search bar will also be displayed in mirror (from right to left).

ElgooG - Google Mirror Funny Trick

4- Play Guitar on Google

Do you know that you can play guitar online at Google? Google timely release amazing doodles in the memories of great people. Likewise on 96th birthday of Les Paul, who was a well-known American Guitarist, Google added this doodle in their list. Let’s give it a try by typing Google Guitar in the search box and hitting the Im feeling lucky labeled button.

Google Guitar Prank


5- Play PAC-MAN Game on Google

PAC-man is one of those addictive games which I enjoyed & played a lot in my childhood. Most of you will already be familiar with it. But now you can play it on Google Search. Again you will have to write Google Pacman in search box and after pressing the I’m feeling lucky button, PACMAN game will be opened in front of you (from Google doodles). Click on the insert coin button and start playing the classic PACMAN game.

Play Google PACMAN Game

6- Play Snake Game on Google

You can also play the classic snake game on your favorite Search engine Google by typing Google Snake in the search box and clicking on I’m feeling lucky. Use the arrow keys to control the snake. Different eatables will appear on the screen which your snake will have to eat before they get vanished. Avoid eating the bombs otherwise you snake will die. Have fun!

Google Snake Prank

How to Set Google Zero Gravity as default Search Engine?

It is a nice idea to set Google zero gravity or any of your favorite pranks as default for searching the internet. It is not a big problem at all. First get the URL of the prank page and copy it. Now from your browser settings panel set the startup page as the URL of prank page. Now whenever you will open your browser, automatically that prank page of Google will be opened. 😀

Google Zero Gravity as Default Search Engine

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I hope that you will enjoy and play these pranks with your friends. If you like this collection then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook.

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