Android users know how important it is to get a good app locker. It is very annoying to see someone peeping in your texts or pictures when you are not around. Also, you certainly don’t want to let some unauthorized person use your phone. After all, your phone is yours. But, how do you choose the best app locker for your device. There are many fake app lockers out there which you simply cannot trust. And some of them have glitches which their developers are still resolving.

Well, Hexlock is one app locker that you can definitely try. It has no glitches and it has some of the most exclusive features. Here is a review of the app. Read on to decide whether you are going to give it a try or not.

Hexlock For Android (Review)

Performance of the App

One of the most amazing thing about Hexlock is its performance. The size of the app is just 6.9 MB. So, you can download it on most android devices. Further, it uses just 95 MB of RAM, which is again a fine deal. Some users are concerned about the battery drainage. They would be happy to know that Hexlock does not even drain out your battery very fast.

UI of the App

Hexlock certainly has an edge over the other app lockers on the Play Store because of its interactive user interface. It is very responsive and there are no design glitches.

Further, you can customize the background of the app. You can switch between solid colors and some patterned backgrounds. It is always god to see something interesting on the lock screen.

Profile Switching Feature

This is again a very good feature of the app. You have an option to create various profiles and then switch to those profiles when needed. For example, if you want a different set of apps to be locked when you are home than when you are at office, you can create two profiles – Home and Office. And then you can switch to home when you are at home and vice versa.

There is an auto activation feature as well. If you turn it on, and connect to your home network, home profile would be turned on. And as soon as connect to the office network, office profile will be turned on.

Locking Mechanisms

You can either use a PIN or a pattern to unlock the apps. However, it also supports fingerprint sensing. So you can input your fingerprint and unlock your apps.

Parental Control Setup

If you are a parent, you would love this feature. You can set up controls to stop your children from making some purchases accidentally. So, you can give your device to them to play games without any worries. Also, they cannot uninstall the app accidentally. It needs your password to uninstall it.

Hexlock Parental Control

The Additional Media Vault

This is again an advantage that Hexlock provides you over the other app lockers. When you have it on your device, you don’t need a separate media vault to hide your pictures and videos. It is indeed an all-in-one app. You don’t even have to pay any additional charges for using the media vault.

The Verdict

Hexlock is no doubt an amazing app locker. And it has some of the most awesome features which you do not get in many other apps. Millions of users are already using this and are highly satisfied with the experience. It is definitely worth a try.

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