Sometimes people need to access and share files with their friends and family. So, if you want to access and control your friends computer, Team Viewer will help you. Team Viewer is a software which will allow you to access any computer in the world as if you are sitting in front of it. All you require to know is your Partner’s ID and Password. You can even access computers far away from you location. So, if some of your friend is facing some problem on his computer regarding any installation,using software etc and you know much about solving it, you can help your friend by using team viewer.

Team viewer is available free for non commercial use. It is available for Windows, Mac OS , Linux, IOS and even for Android Phones.

Here are the steps which will explain you the whole procedure.

Team Viewer for File Transfer - Access other computer using TeamViewer

  • Download Team Viewer by clicking here.
  • Install team viewer after the download completes.
  • Run team viewer,there you will see your ID and Password.
  • Ask the person who is using the other computer to tell the ID and password of his Team viewer.
  • Paste the Partner ID in your Team Viewer and select Remote Control or File Transfer option.
  • Click connect to Partner and you will asked for the password of you Partner. Enter it.
  • Now you will be connected to the second computer and a the screen of 2nd computer will appear in your Team Viewer Window.
  • Ask you friend to leave the mouse. Because you will now control the 2nd computer.
Team Viewer Remote Computer Access - Team viewer file sharing

Remember, Both computers must be connected to Internet in order to use Team Viewer also, the 2nd computer operator must authenticate you to access his computer by providing his Team Viewer password to you. Team viewer ID is unique and remains the same but the password is automatically changed each time you start team viewer in order to avoid security Problems.

Download the latest Version of Team Viewer by clicking here.

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