Many times it happens that when we try to download some software or application then a survey website keeps on blocking the download. Fileice, sharecash, are the most popular survey websites on which most of the premium files are uploaded. Visitors are instantly redirected to the survey form just after they click the download buttons. If for any reason you do not want to provide your personal information then you can always try some tricks to bypass online surveys.

The owner/uploader of file actually makes money each time a survey form is filled. Surveys are usually offered to people of USA, UK, and Australia etc. and if you are not from these countries then the best option for you Is to bypass them and download the file ByPass Surveys in 2014instantly. Here in this article I will teach you how to ByPass surveys online for free file downloads.  After going through this article, you will be able to unlock the content locked by surveys on most of the file sharing websites.

Best Tricks to Bypass Surveys 2014

Here are the top 5 tricks to skip surveys on websites in 2014. These methods are applicable on most of the survey websites but not on all of them. You can try these one by one and hopefully you will be able to unlock the download link.

1- Using Redirect Bypasser Addon

This is a handy Firefox addon that avoids unwanted redirects in your browser. Usually the download links are first redirected to the survey website and then to the original file download URL. After installing this redirect bypasser extension in your FireFox browser, you will be able to grab the direct download link of the file while bypassing the surveys. (Download Extension)

2- Using SurveyByPass Website

There is an online website that allows you to bypass survey. You just have to input the URL of download page and it will automatically grab the original download URL while skipping the survey page. The website actually skips the redirection to survey page while extracting the real download link. This tool is works perfectly to grab premium content from most of the survey websites including scriptmafia, youdownload, plunder etc. (Visit Website)

3- Using ScriptBlock Extension

Google chrome users can bypass surveys by installing a simple script blocker extension. This extension allows you to control iframes and javascripts in your browser. Survey popups are mostly opened in iframes and javascripts are used to redirect visitor to another page. So by disabling Javascript and iframes using script blocker extension, you will be finally able to download locked content.

4- By Disabling Javascript

As I already explained, Javascripts are usually used to redirect links. So if javascript is disabled in your browser then survey page will never appear and you will get the direct download link. Almost all the modern web browsers allow you to disable javascripts on web pages. Just go the settings panel of your web browser, choose the option to disable javascript and reopen the link in order to download files.

5- By Inspecting Elements

First of all open the URL of file in Google chrome browser. Right click on the download page and select the Inspect Element option from the menu. Now you can disable some elements of the page including the box containing survey form and other related elements. Find the entries named Survey or overlay in the code and remove them. Keep on removing the elements until you find the download link that was previously hidden behind the survey box.

So these are the 5 methods that you can use to bypass surveys online in 2014. If you know about any other method to unlock file downloads then feel free to discuss it below.

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