Internet became a major source of entertainment now a days.  Many new games, movies, softwares, books e.t.c are now available free of cost all over the internet and they are downloaded by millions of people daily. Torrent is used commonly to download large files from the internet.
The downloading speed of torrent depends upon any factors like leechers, seeder, peers e.t.c. So, if the seeds of the required file are less, it will take a lot of time to download. So, here I am going to share a trick with you which will allow to download torrent files with the help of Internet Download manager(IDM).

Downloading torrent files with Internet Download Manager (IDM) has many advantages because IDM is the most common software used to download files fast and it increases the download speed upto 5 times than the normal.  Also, the downloading speed of IDM does not depend upon the number of leachers, seeders, peers e.t.c. It depends only on your internet connection. One of the reason people use IDM for downloading torrent files is that in many offices, Schools, Universities Torrent is blocked by the Internet Providers. So, here IDM is the option which will allow you to download Torrents. Also, If the required file has less seeds, you can download it with the help of Internet Download Manager with high speed.

Previously was used to download torrents with the help of IDM but now this website is not available. So, the new website for downloading Torrents is

  • Goto and signup for a free account there.
  • Search the required torrent file and download the .torrent file to your computer.
  • Open and upload the .torrent file there and hit the Go button.
  • Wait for a few minutes and the torrent file will be available for download.
  • Click the download buttons and that’s all.
  • Enjoy downloading files with the help of IDM. 🙂

If you face any problem while downloading Torrent Files with IDM then feel free to comment below.



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