For webmasters and bloggers, getting quality backlinks is a very important task. There are different ways people adopt to get backlinks and Guest Posting, Commenting, Social Sharing, Blog Submissions etc. are common ways of getting backlinks. Out of these options, many people choose commenting on relevant blogs to collect backlinks. But only leaving comments on random blogs will not serve the purpose and it will not be much effective. So, it’s necessary to find blogs related to your niche for commenting on.  Commenting on niche related blogs can also contribute to Targeted Traffic and building readership.

Google directory contains millions of indexed blogs and websites and it seems a difficult task to find relevant blogs for commenting and getting backlinks. By adopting some simple Google search tricks, you can easily find blogs and websites according to your requirement. So, I am going to share some killer tricks for customized Google Search. Actually, these methods are used to filter Google search results according to user requirements.


To Find Domains with specific TLD

It is said that .edu and .gov domains have more authority than other TLD’s and due to this reason, people search for websites with specific TLDs for commenting and getting backlinks. You can use a simple Google Search queries to find domains containing specific keyword or TLD. In order to filter search results for specific keyword/TLD in url, use the following query in Google search.

inurl: “keyword”

Let’s say, I want to find .edu blogs with a post on “Facebook Marketing”. So I will write

site:edu inurl:blog + “Facebook Marketing”

Google will list all the websites with .edu TLD and containing keyword Facebook Marketing anywhere in the content

Commenting and backlinks

To exclude Any Keyword – Keyword in Title

You can also find blogs that do not contain specific keyword or phrase by using Google search.  This trick will be helpful for finding blogs with enabled comments. For this purpose, you can exclude the statement “comments are closed” and the search results will only list blogs on which comments are enabled. Query for exclusion of keywords is given below: inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “keywords”

In the above query, I have applied 6 filters for getting my required search results. I am going to explain all these custom search queries below.

Site: .com By adding this query, Google will only lost websites with .com TLD. You can also find .edu , .org , .info websites by replacing .com according to your requirements.

Inurl: blog  By adding this filter, search results will show those results that include word “blog” in their URL. This will help you to get list of blogs only and not websites.

“post a comment” Search results will include only those blogs on which comments are opened for public. Infact, this statement will limit the search to only those blogs that include statement “post a comment”

-“comments closed” In order to exclude blogs on which comments are closed, I have applied this filter. Negative sign will exclude all the blogs containing a specific keyword in the quotation marks.

-“you must be logged in This query will neglect all those blogs that require visitors to login in order to post a comment.

“KEYWORD” You should place your own keyword for which you want to find blogs. Quotation marks around the keyword ensure that the search results will only include results containing that specific phrase.

Intitle:”keyword” query can also be used for filtering results with specific keyword in title.

Hoe to Use Google search to get relevant blogs for commenting

Bonus Tip: To Find Related Documents

You can also find related documents or supporting material according to your requirement using Google advanced search. PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, word documents, Power point presentations can be found easily using Google Search. Let’s say, I need a PDF guide about SEO basics. So, I will put the following query in Google Search.

filetype: pdf “SEO basics”

You can also find files with other extensions like .doc, .pdf, .xls etc. by using file type query in Google Search.

Trick to Find pdf, xls, ppt, doc files using Google


What are the ways you adopt for finding relevant blogs for commenting? Share your views in comments.  🙂

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