YouTube is the best online video streaming website where you can watch millions of videos. Videos from different categorises including Movies, Songs, Documentaries, and Tutorials etc. are available there.

YouTube Video Loading Speed or buffering speed depends on a number of factors. By considering those factors, here I am going to YouTubeshare some tricks to make YouTube videos load faster. If you are a YouTube lover then I will recommend you to also check the best Google chrome extensions for YouTube.

There is no need to wait for hours before you start watching a video online at YouTube. Try to implement all the tricks mentioned below inorder to load YouTube videos faster within seconds.

Best Tricks to Load YouTube Videos Faster

1- Watch Videos in Lower Quality

YouTube videos in HD quality like 720p or 1080p will obviously take more time to load. If your interent connection speed is not too good then it’s better to watch videos in a lower quality. You can choose from a number of qualities including 240p, 360p, 480p etc. depending upon the speed of your internet connection. It is preferable that you should first try the higher quality and if you are not satisfied with the buffering speed then change the video quality to lower one.

2- Stop all the Torrents

Torrents consume a lot of bandwidth and make your internet slow. If YouTube videos are buffering slow on your PC then you should first stop all the active torrents. After that reload the YouTube video again and this time it will load faster.

3- Stop Surfing Other Websites

If you are surfing other websites while watching videos then this will increase YouTube video loading time. So close all other tabs in your browser before watching videos in order to make then buffer faster.

4- Disable Application Updates

Some softwares including antivirus programs are updated automatically when connected to internet. If YouTube videos are not loading quickly then there are chances that your antivirus program is updating or any other software is consuming bandwidth. So you should first close/disable all applications that are linked to internet in anyway, before using YouTube.

5- Choose a Better Browser

Google chrome is a simple, light and fast web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer then it’s preferable to move toward Chrome or FireFox in order to load YouTube videos faster. You should also keep your browser updated for the best video streaming experience.

6- Use LAN Connection

If you have both LAN and Wi-Fi connections available then you should prefer to use LAN internet connection for watching videos on YouTube. Video buffering/loading speed is always better on direct LAN connection as compared to Wi-Fi network. If you have only Wi-Fi connection available then try to keep distance between your PC and Wi-Fi router minimum for faster video loading on YouTube.

7- Join YouTube Feather

YouTube feather is another version of YouTube that makes videos buffer faster. A number of scripts, sharing buttons and extra elements are removed in the feather version and that improves the performance and provides better video watching experience. Advanced data handling technologies are used in the feather version and that made it possible to load YouTube videos faster on a slow internet connection. Join Feather Beta version now.

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So these are the top 7 tweaks to make YouTube videos load faster. If you have idea about any other method that can be included in the list then kindly mention it in comments. Share the words. 🙂

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