There are many challenges which are to be faced and tackled by bloggers in order to carry on their progress in the blogging industry and one of most common problem being faced by many bloggers is that their content is content theft. It is said that Quality content is a key to success in blogging and If you are working hard to write quality content for your website and spend a lot of time in writing helpful and valuable articles for your readers and other people steal your content and publish it on their own website without your permissions then it’s a time to take some necessary steps to protect your blog content from being copied. Before going in further details, lets me describe some dangers for those who are involved in this violation.

Dangers of Copied Content:

  1. In fact, stolen content is itself dangerous both for the person going to copy it and also for his website. Although a person may get some short term advantages but in the long run, surely he will face dreadful consequences.
  2. Copied content is just neglected by search Engines. Google is much smarter than those producing copy-cats with stolen content and Google’s algorithm updates will surely move the site down and down, ultimately the site will be loose its online presence.  Google rolls out Panda updates almost after every month and the sites with duplicate content are penalized.
  3. If copied content is published on a blog hosted on BlogSpot or any other free service like then due to copyrights violation, Google/wordpress will surely delete that blog.
  4. Copyrighted content can be removed anytime by DMCA and the authorities may also take serious judicial actions according to DMCA laws.

How to Check Duplicate Content?

Checking duplicate copies of content online is not a problem using copyscape. It’s a free plagiarism checking website. You will have to put your website URL in the required field and it will trace all the websites with same content within few moments. You may check duplicate content manually by copying any line from the content you are going to check and then paste it in Google Search box with quotation marks at the start and end. Now Google will list those sites with exact same content in search results of there exist any. I will recommend you to do this experiment 5 to 6 times by selecting content from different paragraphs. See the screenshot below:

Detect Copied content using Google Search

How to protect wordpress blog from Content Theft?

Using WP-Copy Protect Plugin

Just by installing a plugin named WP-copy protect, you can make your entire blog safe from content theft. The plugin is much efficient in protecting your content including articles and images from being copied. Also, it will not affect SEO of your blog and the Search Engines will be crawling your website normally.

wp-copy protect

Download WP Copy Protect



  • Disable Right Click.
  • Disable Text selection.

You can also choose a custom message to be displayed when a person presses right click button anywhere on your blog.

Using DMCA Plugins On Your Blog

Install official DMCA badges plugin to place some some DMCA tags on your website so that people become aware that your content is copyrighted. It is a free plugin and in order to get more benefits, you will need to signup at DMCA. You may also watermark your images by using their other water marker plugin.

Tell us which methods you are using to protect your blog from duplicate content. Feel free to share your views in comments. 🙂

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