Did you know that the actual speed you are getting from your broadband service is only 80% of the service provider’s advertised speed? Even though DSL and cable speed may depend on different factors like location, proximity and such, there are varied ways to improve broadband speed. This can be done by tweaking some computer settings and through minimal hardware upgrading.

However, before immediately executing any tweaking, it is essential to test your current internet speed. There are online broadband speed test websites dedicated for this purpose. Aside from speed testing, these websites can also help users find the best broadband plans. For example, if you want to compare mobile broadband plans, you can filter your options depending on your needs. Getting back to speed testing, make sure you check the speed a few times because there are also different factors that can result in a poor reading. When you see that your reading is quite close to the advertised speed, perhaps it is best to leave the settings as is.

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Some tips for you to improve broadband speed:

improve broadband speed

Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) – Alter this packet-sized setting on your line as per Microsoft. As a default, manufacturers like Microsoft set the MTU at 1,480. However, the ideal MTU size can actually be altered depending on your line. Manual alteration of the MTU can be done; there are programs that can help you with this process. This includes Dr. TCP/IP; programs like this can help you modify your MTU with a click of a button.

Pinging – This process utilizes the command in DOS. You have to ping a fast and stable server using your desired MTU packet size. Begin by using the standard MTU size of 1,480.  You can decrease this by 10 while carefully observing a ping that will not fragment. You can now increase slowly until the maximum MTU is achieved without fragmenting. There are other programs online that can assist you in determining the need for optimizing other settings. The programs work with one button and even provide instructions on how to change the settings.

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CatV cable – DSL modem usually come with a telephone wire called the RJ11. Another way to improve broadband connection is by switching the RJ11 with a Cat V cable. This prevents signal degradation unlike the telephone wire which is probe to this factor. It also has no shielding.

Splitter – There are some internet service providers that do not install DSL splitters and instead use a DSL filter. However, experts agree that a DSL splitter must be installed instead of the filter. This is because DSL filters usually have poor quality and may even result in line noise.

There are many programs on the web that can assist in increasing your broadband speed. Aside from this purpose, you may also utilize these programs to find the best plan or service provider for you. Examples include mobile broadband plans, DSL broadband plans, and many others. Once you have chosen your plan, consider these tips to ensure you get the advertised speed.

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