Alexa is a web information company that rank websites and blogs on the basis of traffic and some other factors. They also provide Rank of a website all over the world and also in a specific company. Lesser the value of Alexa rank, more beneficial it is for you. For example a website with an alexa rank of 100000 means that 99999 other websites are still ranked better than that site. Google is ranked #1 and Facebook is ranked #2 by Alexa these days.

Now question arises How Alexa measures the rank of a website?  Many people think that all the traffic coming to a blog/website contributes in increasing Alexa rank, which is quite wrong. Alexa rank is measured on the basis of records which pass through their systems. Like, if a visitor installed alexa toolbar while browsing a website then it will contribute to increase your Alexa rank. So are some points which should be considered in order to increase alexa ranking.

Some Killer tips to Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa Tool bar and Alexa Widget:

if you have installed Alexa widget on your blog then it will send all visitors data to alexa systems. So, it is recommended that you should install alexa widget on your blog/website. It will help you alot to improve alexa ranking of your blog.

Install Alexa toolbar for your browser.

Claim Your Site: 

If you want to increase alexa rank, then you should claim your site by creating an account on alexa. Goto the clain your site link on alexa website and they will provide you a file to upload or a simple html code which you have to put in the <header> section of your pages. After that,verify the ownership of your website.

Get Traffic from Other Websites:

Traffic is the most important factor on which alexa ranking is dependent.So, focus on getting more traffic from your related blogs/websites. Ask your friends to post a link to your site on their websites.

Reviews Of Your Blogs:

Alexa also provides an option to review a website/blog. So, you can ask your visitors or friends to review your website on Alexa. This will also help you a little bit to improve alexa ranking of your blog.


Backlinks / Community Building:

The ranking of a website also depends upon how much your site is popular. A single alone website can not be ranked good if it has no connections with other websites. So, Try to make a community and communicate with other bloggers. Commenting on other similar High ranked blogs and getting a backlink  to your site will influence a lot and boost alexa rankings.

Social Media:

Try to share every topic you write with your friends and on Fan Page of your blog. Tweet the new posts and also post and share it on Google+ Account. Also try to post on  other Social Networking Sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, Pinterest e.t.c .

Should we Work for Better Alexa Rank?

Working for lower alexa rank should not be your first priority. Alexa ranking has no effect on SEO or search engine rankings of a web site. So, Google Page rank gets more priority over alexa rank. If you want to capture direct advertisers then you should also keep an eye on alexa ranking as well as on PageRank.

What methods you apply to increase alexa ranking of your blogs? Share your views about alexa and their ranking system in comments.

Good Luck! 🙂

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