How to increase Facebook page likes? How to get traffic from Facebook? How to get more Facebook fans? These are the questions that come in the mind of every Facebook fan page owners. With the recent changes in Google algorithms, one can not only rely on Google for generating traffic for websites. Along with SEO, social media promotion should also be done In order to get extra traffic and generate more revenue. Out of so many social media networks, Facebook has its own charm and many bloggers use Facebook Pages to drive traffic to their blogs.increase facebook likes quickly

Getting more likes on Facebook pages is always been a problem for newbies and everyday people try to find out new and working tricks to get more fans on Facebook. So, in this article I am going to share some quick tips that will let you gather more Facebook page likes and will also help you to get tons of traffic from Facebook. So, no more need to depend on Google for getting traffic and giant social networks like Facebook can fulfill your needs.

10 Best Tricks to Increase Facebook Page Likes

1- Complete Your Facebook Page profile

The profile of your Facebook page should be complete with enough details describing your business, website, blog or products. This will be helpful in getting better position for your Page search in Facebook. Choose a unique and attractive profile picture for your brand page and also upload an attractive cover photo. There are some examples of likes compelling cover photos for Facebook which can also be tried. In short, a complete Facebook Page profile with all details including website URL, contact details, address and other information about business will surely help you out for better ranking of your page in Facebook search results.

2- Invite Your Friends

Before moving on to other people, first of all you should invite your own Facebook Friends to like your fan page. You can manually message the link of your fan page to your friends and family members on Facebook and ask them to like your page. Second option is to invite friends to fan page via admin panel of Facebook page.  This will help you out to build the initial audience of your page and those will be your loved one. Also ask your friends to promote your Fan Page to their friends.


3- Invite Email Contacts

After inviting your Facebook friends, now you should move forward to invite your email contacts to like your page. Although many of your email contacts will also be your Facebook friends yet you will find a number of new people in your email contacts and those can also become the audience of your Facebook fan page. Invite your email contacts from all of your email accounts and that will surely help you out to quickly increase likes of Facebook Page.

Click on build audience link from the admin dashboard of your  Facebook page and select invite email contacts from the menu. Now select your relevant email client and proceed further as required. If you have a file containing multiple email addresses then you can also upload it directly there and send an instant invitation.

4- Like Boxes and Popups

For bloggers and website owners, this method has been proved the best one to increase Facebook Page likes quickly. You should place a Facebook like box widget within the sidebar of your blog. So, people finding useful content on your blog or website will also be compelled to like your fan page on Facebook.

Another option is to add a Facebook like-box Popup to your blog. So, whenever a visitor reaches to your website, a popup containing Facebook like button will be opened automatically. This is another compelling way to increase Facebook Page likes quickly.

Many bloggers are using content locking techniques for social media promotion. There are WordPress plugins that allow you to lock any specific link, image or part of your content. The content will only be showed when the visitor likes your page on Facebook, Tweets the article or +1 it in Google+. You can install Social Liker plugin on WordPress for content locking.

5- Sharing Pictures and Tagging Friends

You can get a number of status likes as well a fan page likes by adding relevant photos with your status updates. A picture speaks a thousand words and also many people avoid reading long status updates. So, if you upload interesting photos along with your status then surely it will compel FB users to like your fan page. These days, about 80% Fan page owners use this technique to reach their targeted audience. Uploading interesting and relevant photos, videos etc. on Fan Page will increase the number of shares of photos and that will directly increase your Fan Page likes by reaching to a wider range audiences.

Tagging your friends In photos you upload to your FanPage will notify your friends of friends about the photo as well as the source of Photo (Your Page). So, it’s another way to promote Facebook Page. It is not much recommended as most of people don’t like to be tagged in random photos.

6- Giveaways and Contests

You can even double your Facebook fans by running giveaways and contest on your Facebook Page. Giveaways will also help you out to increase product sales. Many famous brands on Facebook are using this strategy to promote their Facebook pages. Different Facebook apps for pages are available these days that can help you to run giveaways and contests on Facebook. Bloggers can also use rafflecopter apps for running contests on their blogs as well as Facebook pages.


7- Regular Posting

As I stated earlier that sharing photos and interesting videos on your FB page will help you to collect more likes. It is also important to update fan page regularly. A more active fan page will get more likes in a less time so, in order to keep your fan page active and live, it is recommended to update it regularly.

You can also schedule Posts for your Facebook fan page while  not on computer. So this will faciliate you to post updates on Page while at work or if you are going out for a long journey and can’t access Facebook.

8- Like Exchange

Facebook like exchange services are also much common these days. You simply have to like fan pages of other people and in return you will get some points. Those points can utilized to get likes at your own pages. This method will surely help you to increase number of likes but many people do not prefer this method as most of the fans will not be active. Addmefast is the most active Facebook likes exchange service these days,

9- Buy Facebook Likes

Many freelancers and companies offer services of providing Facebook followers and fan page likes. You can find hundreds of freelancers selling Facebook likes on fiverr, seoclerks, etc at cheap rates. You will find a number of offers there like 500 likes for $5, 20K likes for $10 etc. Remember that people also provide fake likes by bots and it is always recommended to check the reputation of likes seller before placing an order.

Facebook buy Fans is one of the great name among top Social Services providers. So, if your budget allows then you can hire their services and increase your fan page likes, status and photo likes etc.


10- Buy Facebook Ads

Finally the best but a little bit costly option is to buy advertisement from Facebook.  You will get targeted fans by using this method. Select appropriate titles, keywords for buying ads on Facebook in order to gather targeted likes. It is an easy way to increase Facebook page likes but required more budget.

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So, these are the methods that can help you out to increase likes on your Facebook business page. Let’s start your promotion campaign right now and also share your success stories with me. 🙂


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