Getting more traffic is the primary aim of every blogger or website owner. For new websites, the task of getting initial traffic some times becomes a big challenge.  Importance of Google search traffic i.e. (organic) can never be underestimated for new blogs and well established blogs.

All the visitors a website gets from Google search can be called as Google search traffic.  Since Google is the most popular search Engine that is used worldwide, so here i will be focusing more on organic search traffic from Google Search.The main benefit of Google search traffic is that it helps to get targeted visitors,  interested in your site content/products and they can even become your customers. So, in order to increase sales and affiliate earnings you must work for getting more organic traffic from Google.

In this article, I am going to share some Powerful ways that will surely help you to increase Google search traffic.

Google Search Traffic

Google Search Traffic

Tips to Increase Google Search Traffic

I will share some basic methods that will make your website Search Engine friendly. And finally you will get benefit in terms of more Google Search Traffic.

Articles with Images

Never ignore power of images for getting most out of orgainc search traffic.. Try to add number of relevant images to blog posts and optimization of images is also very important. All the images must have alternate tags, proper titles and also add small caption.

When I published articles related to Facebook cover photos and Profile Pictures on ArWebZone, I noticed that those articles were ranked well than many others. So, images are very important for websites in terms of Google Search Traffic.


Sitemap Submission

Create a sitemap of your blog and submit it to Google and all other major search engines. It will help search engines crawl your pages and rank them accordingly in search results. For WordPress bloggers, Google XML sitemap is the best plugin to create sitemap easily. Finally, submit your website to Google and Bing using their webmaster Tools.


Titles and Meta Descriptions

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

These two factors also have a great impact on Google search rankings of pages. Try to write proper titles and suitable meta-description of each post. Also include a focus keyword in Title and meta-description of articles for better results. URL of your pages should be short and preferably contain keyword. For WordPress users, a plugin named WordPress SEO by Yoast makes it easy to rewrite titles and meta-descriptions of any webpage. Your title length should be maximum 70 characters and Meta descriptions should contain maximum 156 characters.


Keyword Research

Try to do some research about keywords related to article you are going to write. If you have no idea what people are searching for then it will be difficult to get Google search Traffic. There are different free keyword research tools available these days. You can try using Google adwords or hit tail software.

These tools also provide information related to  CPC of keywords that will help you to increase Google Adsense Earnings. After selection of best focus keyword, try to include it in Article title, Meta description and also in the main content. Again, WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin enables WordPess users to maintain keyword density of articles. Avoid stuffing your article with keywords as it will not be helpful. Try to write unique articles and generate fresh and new content.


AuthorShip Verification

Google Authorship Snippet

Google Authorship Snippet

Have you ever seen a small thumbnail of author in Google search results? That thing also helps a lot to get more Google search traffic by increasing CTR of your pages in Google search. Verify authorship of your blog just by adding rel=”author” attributes with Google plus profile link to your webpages. Also add a link back to your webpage from the Contributing to section of your Google+ profile.

How to Track Organic Google Search Traffic

You will also need to track organic traffic and compare it with previous values in order to get see results. Tracking of organic search traffic is not a big problem. You can use Google Analytics to get complete traffic details of your blog.  Click on the traffic sources tab from Google analytics dashboard and track all incoming traffic details.  Another way to track rankings of keywords in Google search is by using SemRush free tool.

So these are the ways that helped me toincrease and track my Google search traffic. Tell me what methods you apply for increasing organic traffic of your website.

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