One of the most common question being asked by many android users is that How to Transfer Installed android apps from one phone to other? If you have an APK file then it will not be a problem. You can send it via Bluetooth to any other android phone & install it. But the problem comes when you don’t have APK file available and you want to transfer already installed applications from one android phone to another. So, this guide will help you in this regard.

Android developers always come up with great applications. New released apps and games are first published at Google Play Store by the developers and then on other sources. Although Google Play Store is the best place to download free and premium applications but they will never give you the APK file of any application. Although you can download apk free from some sites. But in order to convert any installed application into APK format, you can follow the procedure as mentioned below:

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How to Get APK from Installed Android App?

Recently I have installed a new game on my smartphone and my friend asked me to share that game via Bluetooth. Unfortunately I don’t had APK file of that and WiFi connection was also not available that time.  I searched for the solution and found a cool application named ASTRO File Manager. Actually it is something more than just a File Manager.

Apart from browsing files on Internal Storage and SD Card, you can also browse & view files from Cloud Storage accounts including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Sky Drive. And the best feature is that you can take backup of installed apps using its application manager.  Simply follow the steps below to proceed.

  1. Download ASTRO File Manager from Google Play Store by clicking here.
  2. Launch the application after the installation gets completed.
  3. Link your cloud storage Accounts (optional).
  4. Swipe from right to left and tap on Application Manager.
  5. It will list all apps which you have installed on your device.
  6. Select the one which you want to convert into APK and tap on Backup button.
  7. A folder named “backups” will be created automatically on your SD Card/Internal Storage.
  8. Open it and you will find apps folder under it that will contain all of your backed up Android Apps.

Convert Android Apps to APK Backup Android Apps using Astro File Manager ASTRO File Manager For Android

If you want to download ASTRO File Manager APK file then click here. For this you will have to first enable installation of 3rd party apps on your device from the settings panel before proceeding.

Now you can share the converted APK file with your friends via Bluetooth. It is recommended to  take Backup of your favorite apps using the same procedure & save them at a safer place. Similarly anyone can transfer apps from old to a new smartphone using the same method.

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