Are you sick and tired of the theme you’re using at the moment? Maybe you’d like to test out some of the most popular winterboard themes ever to hit the market? So, If your IPhone is Jail broken, then it’s time to install cool Cydia themes on your iOS device. Although many of the Best Winterboard themes are paid and will cost you a few bucks but still many developers release free Cydia Themes for iOS users.

Let’s spend a while going over a few of them and we’ll talk about what makes them special. I know you’re going to love the look of some of them, so don’t forget to test them out so you can see their awesome power for yourself.

Best Winterboard Themes Collection for IPhone Users

Ayecon Theme

ayecon IPhone theme

Ayecon is one of the best winterboard themes you’ll find if you look around at the moment and it’s always getting 5-star reviews from users because they love it so much. Because of the way it’s been designed it will push Apple’s retina display technology to its limits. There are hundreds of different icons available and each one has been carefully designed to ensure your phone looks great. It also got lots of cool features inside and once you start using it you’ll find it hard to switch back to your previous theme.

Boss iOS Theme

boss ios theme - cydia

If you wanted to describe the Boss iOS theme in one word it would definitely be unique. The creator has outdone himself this time and people are grateful. The app skins are just awesome and the icons are even more amazing. It’s also got a lot of little extras thrown in with the main theme and some of them include alternate fonts and logos. If you are looking for an Iphone Winterboard theme that looks almost futuristic it’s the top choice for you without a doubt.


MIUI Theme

MIUI Iphone Theme

The MIUI theme is great even though there is nothing particularly special about it. Don’t worry because it does look beautiful, but sometimes you don’t want anything too fancy. What is better than something that works? The theme will suit anyone who wants to keep things simple, but it still comes with a few cool features you’ll get to experience. It’s easy to make theme customizations, it has built-in screen shots, and it comes with a great music player.

Glasklart HD Theme

Glaskart theme for  Jailbroken Iphone

If you don’t speak Swedish you probably don’t know that glasklart actually stands for ‘clear as glass,’ though once you install this theme on your phone you’ll definitely agree. The background of your screen will almost burst into life because your icons are so transparent. Don’t forget to download the HD version of the theme because it’s so much better. It’s been through a few UI changes and it’s also got a nice lock screen with a few key features on display.

Sublime Lock HD Theme

Sublime Lock HD Theme

This free theme works beautifully on your phone and it’s one of the more popular HD Cydia themes. Are you one of those people who likes to spend hours and hours on Twitter all day? You might love this theme more than most because it includes a Twitter feed that allows you to access any account very quickly. The screen lock layout is stylish and only shows you certain pieces of information including the temperature outside which is always handy when you’re about to go out.


Noki HD theme  IPhone

White iPhones have become very popular over the years and the NOKI HD theme is the perfect one to use with this color of phone because it’s predominantly white. It also looks a little futuristic and you’ll be able to tell it works well within seconds of trying it out. It was created by the wonderful creator, FIF7Y who has delivered lots of gems in the past. When you download it you’ll also get a few nice add-ons including an amazing lock screen with live weather reporting.

Neurotech HD

neurotech HD IPhone Theme

Have you seen the remake of the movie, Tron? This is definitely the perfect theme for all the sci-fi junkies out there and you’d need to see it for yourself before you realize how cool the bright colors are. It can’t have been easy to create the theme and they must have spent a long time sweating over 3D rendering software and professional rendering tools, but the finished product means it works perfectly on a retina screen. Try it out if you want a theme with a dark techno-vibe going on.

Faith Theme

Faith Iphone theme Winterboard

We’ll finish with another great white theme to go along with your white handset because most of the other ones have been a lot darker. The thing you will love most about this theme is definitely the detailed icons. In fact, they are probably the most detailed icons you will find out there which is a huge achievement. There are also tons of options because when it comes to making your phone unique you need to make as many customizations as possible.

Choose your favorite

We’ve looked at lots of different winterboard themes today and they cover almost any kind of style you will find. It’s now your job to pick the Best Winterboard Theme for your IPhone . If you pick the right one your iPhone will bring you even more joy so good luck.


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