Want to download Java offline installer package? Before proceeding further, let’s have a brief overview of it.

What is Java and Why You Should Install It?

Java is basically a programming language that is used worldwide for the development of applications and websites. A number of desktop based, mobile based and web based apps are available these days that require Java Run time environment to be installed on your system. So, without having it installed on your device, you will not be able to work with java based apps properly. Most of the online games, chatting apps and websites require Java to be enabled in order to function properly. So, you must install Java on your computer.

offline java installer - Free Download Standalone

Online & Offline Java Installer Packages

Many softwares available these days require internet connection when you try to install them and run their setup. If you have a slow internet connection then it might be frustrating for you to install those softwares. Therefore companies also offer offline installation setups/ standalone packages of their softwares.

After one-time downloading the standalone setup of java offline installer, there will be no more need to connect to internet for the installation of Java Run-time Environment. You can have a backup of these standalone setup files so that you can install it anytime when you install a new operating system. Also one can transfer the setup from one computer to the other and installation can be performed without the internet connection

Download Links

So, if you don’t have Java Run time environment installed on your system then download the latest Java 7 standalone setup files by following the links below. Since a number of operating systems are available these days therefore many software companies also release compatible versions of their softwares for proper functioning on different operating systems. The download links for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux & Solaris are given below:

For Windows:

Download Java Offline Installer Package For Windows by clicking the link below:

For Mac OSX:

Java Standalone setup is also available for Mac OS X and download links are given:

For Linux:

If you are Linux user then here are the offline download links for you:

For Solaris:

Want to Update Your Java Version?

It is recommended to have the latest version of java installed on your computer because new releases always come up with vulnerability fixes, feature updates and improvements. Also it is recommended to uninstall all previous versions before upgrading to the latest one.

One can easily uninstall older versions of java from Windows, just like un-installation of other softwares. If you face any problem while uninstalling previous version then you can use Java uninstall tool. (Download)

Not sure whether you have Java Installed on your PC or not? Click here to Check.

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