Selection of good keywords has a great importance for bloggers and it also impacts the on-page SEO of content. In order to select best focus keywords, you will have to do a keyword research. If you are good in keyword research and their placement then it will be easy for you to rank well in SERPS.

Google adwords is one of the best method to perform keyword research with its keyword research tool. It’s a free and easy to use tool and that’s why it was the no.1 keyword research tool. But recently Adwords Keyword Research Tool is officially replaced by Google keyword planner tool and now people feel difficulty with the new tool. Because Google keyword planner seems a little bit complex as compared to external keyword research tool.  I have seen many people facing difficulty while using the new keyword planner tool of adwords. Most of the people also moving towards other alternatives to Adwords keyword research tool. Personally I also like Keyword external keyword tool of Google and after they merged it, I also searched for some alternatives to do keyword research.
I checked many websites but failed to find good working alternative to Adwords external keyword research tool. Although there are some paid softwares like longtail pro and hit tail which are really good but those are premium softwares.

Google has now merged the keyword external tool with keyword planner tool and the service is not totally closed. You can still do keyword research with Google keyword planner tool by following simple steps.

Keyword Research with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

In order to perform keyword research with keyword planner tool, first of all login to your Google Adwords account.

Move to the Tools and Analysis dropdown from the menu and select keyword planner. A new page will be opened with three different options and you will have to select the first one named search for keyword and ad group ideas.

adwords keyword planner tool

adwords keyword tool

From the left sidebar choose your targeted country, language, negative keywords etc. so that it can show you keywords details according to your requirements.

Now type different keywords in the text box, each separated by comma and click on tab labeled as keyword ideas.

Google adwords keyword tool

You will find all the details of your entered keywords that will include local and global monthly searches, average CPC and competition of each keyword. All the information you get from there will help you out to choose proper keywords for your articles.

It will also suggest you relevant keywords (just like in external keyword tool).  You can filter keyword suggestions by fixing minimum local monthly searches and average CPC from the left sidebar.
So, isn’t it easy to do keyword research with Adwords keyword planner tool? If you still face any problem then feel free to discuss below.

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