Today I am going to share a cool Windows trick with you. This is a pretty simple trick which will enable you to hide disk drives from My Computer Panel.


Why to hide Local Disk drive?

If you have personal data saved in one of your local disk drive, you may hid e it for privacy purposes and you can access the drive later when you need. Now a days people save Setup of programs and Softwares on local disk drive for backup purposes in order to install later on when needed. So, if you have created a drive solely for Backups or important stuff which is not accessed frequently then you may hide that disk drive. Also, during partition of hard disk, a System Reserved Disk drive is automatically created which is normally not listed with your local disk drives in My Computer. If due to any reason that kind of drive is shown with your local disk drives then you can easily make it invisible by following the trick I am going to share. You can also do this trick on your friend’s computer just to have fun. đŸ˜€

How to Hide Local Disk Drive?

The method is simple and there is no need of any software. We will be using CMD commands in order to do this task.

  • First of all click on the start button and in all programs tab go to accessories folder. There you will find Command Prompt button, Click on it.
  • Type diskpart and press enter.
  • Type list volume and press enter button. It will list all the local disk drives including system reserved drive with unique volume numbers.

cmd diskpart


Hide disk drive


  • Now you have to select the volume number which you want to hide. In my case, I am going to hide Drive A. So I will type select volume 3.
  • Now final step is to remove the assigned letter from the selected volume. For this purpose, type remove letter A. Where A is the drive letter assigned to volume 3.
  • Open My Computer and the Drive will not be down there. đŸ˜€
  • If you want to list the drive again, adopt the same procedure and list volumes. Select the volume number of the drive which you want to make visible and type assign letter Z. Here Z is the new letter which is to be assigned.  You can use any alphabet which is not assigned earlier to any other drive.

cmd diskpart assign letter


cmd letter assigned


You cannot hide the disk drive on which your Operating System is installed.



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