Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term that is most commonly used by bloggers. New people are entering to blogosphere every day and most of them want to learn Search Engine Optimization. I have seen many people writing on SEO topics without having prior knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

So, new bloggers follow guidelines of those and finally Google algorithms penalize their websites. So, it is important to follow only authentic guides. In this article I am going to share some authentic websites from where you can learn search engine optimization free.

 From Where I can Learn Search Engine Optimization

Learn Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Learn Search Engine optimization (SEO)

SEO Starter Guide by Google

SEO is the term used to optimize webpages for Search Engines. Google Search Engine is the leading one out of many others. Google also provides a guide to Learn Search Engine Optimization. So, first of all you should check SEO guidelines by Google. It is a complete guide of 30 pages that contains all the basics of Search Engine Optimization. Follow those guidelines and apply them. For newbies it is recommended that they should only follow Google SEO guide. This will save them from black hat SEO techniques and Google penalties.

Download SEO Starter Guide by Google


MattCutts Videos

Videos tutorials can also help you out to learn Search Engine Optimization. If you search YouTube for SEO tutorials, it will provide you hundreds of video on SEO topics, Search Engine marketing etc. I will recommend you to follow MattCutts for better understanding of SEO. MattCutts is the head of Google webspam team. He answers important SEO questions asked by webmasters and also provide SEO guidelines for better rankings in search results. I will recommend you to subscribe YouTube channel of MattCutts in order to get SEO updates and tips. You may also learn SEO by watching videos from Google WebmasterHelp.


Google guide of SEO will teach you the basics and in order to move on further, you should consult beginners guide to SEO by MOZ. It is a complete guide containing 10 chapters. It has been read over 1 million times and considered as the best guide for SEO learning. After reading the whole guide, your misconceptions about SEO will be cleared and you will better understand how Search Engine works.

MOZ beginners SEO guide includes the following chapters.

  1. How Search Engine operates
  2. Interaction of People with Search Engines
  3. Necessity of Search Engine Marketing
  4. Basics of Search Engine Friendly Design and Development
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Effect of usability & Content on Rankings
  7. Growing Links and Popularity
  8. Search Engine Tools and Services
  9. Misconceptions about Search Engines
  10. Measuring and Tracking Success

Download MOZ SEO Guide PDF Version


Distilled University

In order to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) online, you can enroll yourself at Distilled U. They provide complete online SEO courses covering search Engine basics, on-page optimization, link analysis and technical SEO topics etc. Total 14 SEO modules and 34 hours of SEO learning will make you master of SEO. Their fees are 40$ per month and you may pause your membership anytime you want. Try their free demo of keyword research, Search Engine basics and Search operator basics.



Another popular online guide for SEO learning is “7 days to SEO Success” by aaron wall. It is also covers major SEO topics and will allow you to learn SEO step by step.


SEO Forums Discussions

After reading online SEO guides and E-Books, if you still have any questions then you should join SEO forums. There are many popular SEO forums where you can ask SEO related question to experts.

Here is the list of top Search Engine Discussion Forums:


Search Engine Blogs

There are some popular blogs that keep us updated about what happens in SEO industry. You can subscribe to famous SEO blogs in order to learn Search Engine optimization. Following are top SEO blogs that will keep you up-to-date regarding latest SEO news and happenings.

So, that’s all about how to learn Search Engine Optimization online. Let’s start your journey and practice whatever you learn from these sources in order to optimize your websites for search engines.

Good Luck!

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