The snapshot of computer screen captured using any software or tool is known as Screenshot. Computer users sometimes need to capture screen shots when they face any problem (with software, web page etc. ) Or want to share proof of something with others. As a blogger, I take screenshots for better explanation of my tutorials. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. So, if you face any problem with a software or webpage and write hundreds of words for its explanation, then it’s better to capture screenshot and share it.

You can use the print screen button from the keyboard for capturing snapshots of the computer screen. For editing the screen shot, you will obviously go for some software or windows paint. And finally you will have to upload it somewhere for sharing it online. So, it consumes a lot of time.

In order to make your work easy you should use screen capture software. Out of the number of available softwares, here I came up with the best screen capture software i.e. LightShot.

LightShot Screen Capture Software

LightShot Screen Capture Software

LightShot – Free Screen Capture Software

Lightshot is the best screen capture software of 2013 that is available both for Windows and MAC users. Following are some distinct features of LightShot screen capture tool.

Instant Image Editing and Uploading

By using Lightshot, you can directly edit snapshots before saving them to your computer. It will also save your time by instant uploading all your captured screen shots to their servers. There is no more need to store captured screenshots on Photobucket and other sites. It will also provide you unique URL’s for each captured screenshot so that you can access them later on.

You can also upload images from your computer on their servers using drag and drop feature.

Online Editing

Screenshots captured using Lightshot can be edited directly from their cloud servers. It means that you can edit all captured snapshots online (after uploading). You will see edit link below your captured screen shot after uploading it. So, it will save a lot of time. Lightshot online editor is a full functional online image editor with dozens of useful tools and editing options.

Similar Image Search

It is a cool feature that allows you to find similar screen shots from Lightshot cloud servers. You can also find all similar types of screenshots using Google Search just by a single click.

Social Sharing of Screen Shots

You can directly share all captured screen shots with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and VK using Lightshot Screen capture software.

PrintScr Button Replacement

There is no need to launch any software in order to capture snapshot. Just press the PrintScr button from your keyword and it will automatically launch Lightshot application. Select any area of your computer screen with mouse cursor and share it, print it or upload it in seconds.

Multiple Platforms Supported

LightShot can support multiple Platforms. You can install Lightshot application on Windows or MAC.  You may also install their Chrome Extension, FireFox Add-on or Internet Explorer Addon .

So, what you say about this tool? Isn’t it best screen capture software?

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