Importance of Live Chat Support For ecommerce websites and people offering their services online through websites can never be overlooked.  A good and quick customer support is one of the factor which has a great influence on rating of website. So, if you are providing live chat support to your customers then it will help a lot to generate more leads and sales.

Recently we started reviewing  different useful products and tools  at ARWebZone . Today, I am again here with review of a cool Live Chat service that is being known as Live2Support. It is a well-established company providing paid live chat services for more than 10 years.


How to Add Live2Support Chat widget to Website?

You can easily add live chat support functionality to your website with live2support. First of all sign up for  a free trial account (15 fays) by clicking here and confirm your account via email. You will get your login details through email and using those credentials, login to your live2support account. Now just get the generated code and embed it where you want to display Live Chat Support Widget.

Basic Functionality

Now if any of your visitors contacts you via Live2support chat widget, you will be notified with a ring (if you are online). During offline hours you will get direct all chat requests, queries and support questions via emails so that you can answer them later.

Some Cool Features

Easy Customizations & Placement

Live2support allows you to place a fully customized live chat widget anywhere at your blog or website. You can also customize it according to the look of your website. Whether you want to place a stylish floating chat widget with custom text or custom images for online and offline status, choice is yours. You can also place multiple support icons at various places of your webpage.Live2support chat widgets are available in 6 different languages including English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German and Portuguese. You can fully customize the CSS styling of chat window that include its width, height, colors, fonts etc.   Different plugins are also available that can be integrated with live2support and adds more functionalities and features.

 Custom Chat Icons

Support via Mobile Devices

Now you can also provide support and answer the questions of your customers directly from mobile devices with the help of their mobile apps. Whether you are having android phone, tablet or other device just install their android application from Google Play Store by clicking here and access your live2support admin dashboard from mobile. IPhone and IPad users can also get live2support application from Apple apps store. Along with that, users can also install their live chat application on Windows or MAC for easy accessibility.


Hosted Live Chat Service

Live2support provides hosted chat services which mean that its integration is hassle free and easy. No need to buy extra web hosting or downloading different scripts for adding live chat support to website. You will get a piece of code which is to be embedded into website source in order to add instant live chat support functionality. Good thing is that you can fully customize the widget appearance, colors and position etc. to make it feel as a part of your website. With hosted Live chat service, you will get 99% uptime because it’s the company who manages the server resources, bandwidth etc.

live2chat window

Extended Visitors Details

Personally I was really impressed how live2support provides complete details about online visitors, their locations, IP addresses, number of visits etc. Although other chat services like Zopim also provide such information about visitors but the way this service shows the details of each visitor is just awesome. You will get complete information about your customers including their country, region, city, local time, browser, platform, language, screen resolution, referrer, current page being viewed and many more. Isn’t it amazing?

live2support chat monitoring

Chat Transcripts and History

For the record of your company, you will be able to access and view all previous chat transcripts from the dashboard. You can search for a specific chat transcript by user name, email address, IP address or by a specific phrase. So, you will have all the records of live chat discussions done from your website. Finally, you can add Google Analytics code in order to track the statistics of live chat window from website.

Chat History

Custom Short Messages

Since your chat support operators will be dealing with number of clients every day, so you can set a number of short codes for specific messages that are commonly sent. For example, you can use short code for welcome messages to greet your customers. This setting is named as predefined responses in Live2support dashboard and you can also create new short codes for specific messages.

live2support chat

So, these were some worth mentioning features of live2support premium chat service for websites. Hopefully, you will find their service much useful. If you want to give them a try then create an account there and enjoy you 15 days trial.

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