Student life is not doubt the most memorable and enjoyable part of life. As you know, I am also a Student currently doing my BSc in Civil Engineering from one of renowned University of Pakistan. In Colleges and Universities, student get enough spare time. Most of the students spend their leisure time on Social Networks, playing computer games, and chatting with friends etc. Instead of wasting time on these activates, you can spend it in a productive manner. Like you can make a good sum of money online without spending much time. In this article I am going to share top 10 online money making ways for Students.

If you search the internet for money making ways then you will find a number of available options. For a beginner, it becomes much difficult to identify a legit working method for making money online. So, this article is dedicated specially to those students who are looking for the legit ways to Earn Money Online. You can get extra pocket money that you can spend as you wish, without putting extra burden on your parents. You can pay college dues yourself and support your family by making money online along with studying.


Top Money Making Ways for Students

Students Earn Money Online

1- Blogging

Blogging is so far the best option for students who want to earn money online. Without spending much time, one can establish a powerful income source through blogging. Create a blog and share your ideas and knowledge to the world through it. Once your blog gets established, you can monetize it via Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing Paid advertising etc.

2- Freelancing

If you are good in something like coding, programming, writing, designing etc. then you can monetize your skills online and earn money online as a student. Show your previous work by creating an online portfolio and join different freelancing websites to get work. You can also find freelancing jobs online via

3- Article Writing

Making money via blogging requires continuous struggle and time. You cannot monetize your blog just after creating it. If you don’t want to start your own blog then another option is to write for other blogs. There are different websites and blogs who require guest authors and article writers. You can also find paid writing opportunities by joining relevant groups on Facebook.

4- By Answering Questions

If you have a good command in any specific subject like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology or any other field specific subject then you can earn money by answering questions. There are different forums and education websites that pay you for correct answering of questions which are asked by other students. This will also help you in learning more about your course subjects along with earning.

5- By PTC Websites

PTC stands for Paid-to-Click websites that pay their members for viewing sponsored websites. You will have to visit 4-5 websites on daily basis and as a reward, you will earn some cents. Paid to click websites don’t pay much unless you have a good community of friends that can join under your referral links. This way you will also get half earnings of your referrals.  It is the easiest, quickest yet slowest method by which students can earn money online.

So, these are the top 5 Money Making Ways for students. Tell me which method will you prefer or adopt for earning money online being a student.

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