Google PageRank Update that was long awaited since last 10 months has been released today. Remember that this is the second PageRank Update of 2013.

Today when I logged into my Gmail account, I was literally surprised to read a news feed from one of my favorite blog, mentioning that the second PageRank Update of the year 2013 is out. I was amazed to see that ARWebZone got a Page Rank 2 in this update (Alhamdolillah). So, I decided to share this update with my beloved readers.

Google PageRank Update 2013

Google PageRank was last time updated on 4th February 2013. Previously it was being updated after every 3 months on regular basis. But after the last update, Google kept silence for almost 10 months and today they broke the silence. In my previous article about the expected PageRank update, many bloggers & webmasters were asking that why the Page Rank update was delayed? I already mentioned the reason of that delay in my previous article.

This delayed PageRank update of 2013 was a major one and many bloggers & webmasters got PR decreased in this refresh. I myself got astonished when I saw major drop in PageRank of some Popular Blogs. But there are still many bloggers who have maintained their PageRank and also many newly established blogs got their PR  increased.

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Upcoming Google PageRank Updates in 2014?

Whether you got PR increased or decreased in the recent update, let’s stop complaining about it and now we should look forward to the upcoming Google PageRank updates of 2014. Again nobody know exactly when Google will update PageRank Toolbar in 2014.  All we can do is to get prepared for the next releases. Also there are chances that Google will again continue the recurring updates after 3 Months. But from now, all updates are expected to be severe like this one.

How to Maintain & Increase Google PageRank?

Before looking forward for an increase in PageRank, one should first try to maintain it. So, how one can maintain it? Since Google PR majorly depends on the number, relevancy and most important Quality of backlinks which you get from the authority websites. So, one should try to collect backlinks from high authority websites. Recent Google Penguin updates have penalized many bloggers adopting bad link building techniques. These include Paid links, Forum signature links and backlinks from low quality link directories.

The old methods of commenting on PR9, PR8, PR7 sites to get dofollow back-links will not be much beneficial for you from now onwards. If you ask me, then the only method I will recommend you is to write guest articles on high PR blogs relevant to your niche. Just forget about commenting, directory submissions etc.

Try to produce such a high quality content for your readers that also helps to get valuable dofollow backlinks to it. Another important point is that one should also keep a balance between guest posts & your own articles which you publish at your blog.  This will surely help you out to get PageRank increased in the next update.

In Short one should:

  1. Start  Guest Posting on Relevant blogs.
  2. Try to Produce High Quality/Valuable Content.
  3. Avoid Excessive Backlinks from Commenting.
  4. Avoid Paid Links.

Tell me what are your views on the recent Google PageRank Update in comments.

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