The virus that automatically creates shortcuts in USB pen drive is much common these days. First it hides all the data present on flash drive and then creates shortcuts of all files. Apparently it looks like the original data has been eaten up by the virus but in actual that is not the case. You can easily recover your data if it is infected by a virus (that creates shortcuts of Files and Folders).

Recently, I shared a small guide to unhide hidden system files on Pen drive. Just by using a simple command in CMD, one can easily get all the lost data restored within minutes. In this article, we will be learning How to remove shortcuts virus from pendrives/USB. Along with that, here are some tools to remove the virus permanently from your computer. So, let’s come to the tutorial.

USB Shortcuts Virus Removal

Shortcuts Virus Removal Tools

USB Disk Security

Install USB Disk Security program In order to keep your computer save from viruses that transmit through USB pen drives. It will automatically detect and removes shortcuts virus as soon as you attach any external pen drive with your PC. Usually the viruses are transmitted through autorun.inf files and this software first kills those processes and prevent the virus from being copied. It is recommended that you should first scan your flash drive with USB Disk security before opening it.

Microsoft Security Essentials

It is my favourite antivirus program that is capable of fighting with severe viruses including the one that creates shortcuts of files. You can take it as the best shortcuts virus remover antivirus and after all, it’s totally free to use. It will clean and protect your data from viruses and will help you to fight against Trojans.  So, if you are a Windows user then install MSE antivirus immediately and scan your computer as well as pen drives with it.

Pen Drive Data Recovery from Shortcuts

If you attach a pen drive with a PC infected with shortcuts virus then automatically it will create shortcuts of all files on your pen drive. In order to recover your lost data, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Install the USB Disk Security and MS Security Essentials antivirus on your PC.
  2. Scan your PC and Pen Drive with both tools.
  3. Clean/delete the infected files.
  4. Open your pen drive and delete all the shortcuts present there.
  5. Enable the option Show Hidden System Files and Folders  from the folder options menu.
  6. Click on Start=>All Programs=>Accessories=> CMD, right click on it and run it as Administrator.
  7. Type attrib -H -S G:\*.* /S /D /L in the command line and hit Enter. (Replace G with the pen drive letter)
  8. Now open your Pen drive and it will display all your files and folders which were previously converted into shortcuts.


So, that’s a simple guide on removal of shortcuts virus from USB/PC and a simple recovery of lost data. If you still face any problem while dealing with this issue then feel free to comment below.

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