In this era of surveillance over the internet, a perfect VPN app for android might be your perfect pick. The most popular use of VPN is to fake your location. So, if something is banned by in your area, you can pretend to be at some other location and still access the service. But, this is not the only use. You can also use it for security purposes, for example when you want to encrypt your data over public Wi-Fi’s and many others.

These days, there are numerous android VPN apps available and you might get really confused when deciding which one to go for. Here is a review of the Rocket VPN app, which has enjoyed popularity among a large number of users. Read on and decide if it is worth a try.

Rocket VPN – Best VPN App For Android

Rocket VPN for Android Free Download

Setting up the App

One of the most important aspect of a good VPN app is ease of use. Setting up the Rocket VPN app is as easy as downloading a game on your device and just start playing it. Yes, it is that easy. You don’t find any glitches or slow response from the app. Just get it from the play store and select your country. That’s it.

Speed is maintained

Internet speed is something very important these days. And the good thing about the Rocket VPN app is that your speed would not be too much affected. Most of the VPNs available in the market slow down your internet speed, but with Rocket VPN, you would actually feel there is no much difference.

Security is guaranteed

When using Rocket VPN, you should not worry about your security at all. Not only your personal data is encrypted, but when you are sending texts or emails, even the third parties cannot keep an eye on what you are accessing through internet. Isn’t that amazing?

Option to Quick Launch

Rocket VPN also provides you an option to place some apps on its homepage. So when you want to use VPN for those apps, you just need to go to the home page of the app, click on the app icon and launch the app. It would save a lot of time of yours.

Up to 10 Virtual Locations

Though most of the VPN apps offer you just 3-4 virtual locations, Rocket VPN offers you as many as 10 virtual locations. So, you have the option to decide which location you want to be in. and we bet some of the locations have really great advantages.

User Interface

Once you have installed the app on your device, you just have to open it, get connected and start using. You don’t get those annoying full page ads while using the app. However, you might get some ads on the top or bottom of your screen, but that is fine.


You can try out the free version of Rocket VPN. With the free version, you will get a limitation of 500 MB per month. But for trial, that is more than enough, if you like the app, you can later switch to the paid version. If you don’t like those annoying ads or you want better internet speeds, you can also buy a subscription.

The Verdict

If you are planning to get a VPN, it might be a good idea to try Rocket VPN for android. You can go for the free version initially and if you like the features, you can go for paid version. However, the app is so simple to use that you would certainly want to stick to it.

Rocket VPN for Android Free Download

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