In this article i will be discussing How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Pages or on personal profile.

Facebook Pages are one of the most common effective ways to promote a business online. Many people also use to make Money from Facebook pages. Whether you use Facebook for the promotion of your brand or for making money through it, you will have to update it regularly in order to engage Facebook users.

If you update your Facebook fan pages on regular basis then it will also contribute to fast promotion of your page as well as you will get more likes. I have already discussed 1o Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook Pages.

In our daily busy routine, sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage Facebook pages and more tough is to update them regularly.  If you are one of those busy persons then here I am going to share 3 tricks that will let you schedule posts on Facebook Pages. By using these methods, you will be able to update Facebook Status on a future date in advance.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook?

1- The Best & Easy Way

This is the simplest method of post Scheduling on Facebook Pages that can be done in seconds. First of all, use Facebook as a page for which you want to schedule status update. Now type your status and attach any link, Photo or Video if required. Then click on the clock icon on the left-bottom side of status update box and select any future date from the calendar. You can even choose a specific time on which you want that post to appear on your Facebook page profile. Finally click on the schedule button and a confirmation message will appear. Similarly you can schedule as many status updates as you like using the same method.

Schedule Facebook Posts

2- By

Laterbro is a Facebook application that allows you to schedule recurring posts for Facebook profile. First of all open and sign in there using your Facebook account. Select your time zone from the next screen. Finally Add your status update in the text field and select date and time on which you want it to be published. You can also set re-occurrence of same status update from the drop down list present there. Finally click on the schedule button & it’s done. One can also schedule twitter tweets using this application.

Drawback of this trick is that you can’t schedule photos & videos through it. Also a link to laterbro application will be shown along with your status update.

Schedule Recurring Posts on Facebook

 3- By Hootsuite Application

Hootsuite is one of the most popular Post Scheduling application for Facebook. First of all you will have to signup at their website using Facebook account and rest of the process is pretty much simple. Just Type your status in the top left text box, attach any Photo or Video (in needed) and select your desired date & time on which you want that post to be published at your profile. Finally click the send now button & its done.

Hootsuite Status Schedule For Facebook

Facebook Post Schedule via Hootsuite

4- By Email Scheduling in Gmail

Do you know that you can schedule emails in Gmail? Also one can update Facebook status via email. So, if you schedule an email and send it to your Facebook Post by Email address then you status will be updated automatically at that time. So, Here i am going to explain this indirect method to Schedule Facebook status updates.

In order to proceed, first of all you will have to find post by email address of your Facebook account. Go to your account settings and select mobile from the left sidebar. There you will find an option labeled “Post by Email”, just click on it and copy that email address.  (It will be something like

Post by Email - Facebook

Now install right inbox chrome extension and login to your Gmail account. Create a new email address and in the subject filed enter your desired status update. Attach any Video or photo with your email (if required) and schedule it to your Facebook Post by email address.  The email will be sent on the date you scheduled and on the same date and time, your Facebook status will be updated.

Email Scheduling in Gmail

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