SEMRush is one of the best online tools that helped me to grow my blog traffic. SEMrush helps me out to get new post ideas whenever I feel shortage. I also analyze rankings of my articles in Google Search Results with it. Although there are many other tools available there days like SERP Analytics, SEM Compete etc. that can be used for website analysis but SEMRush is my favorite one.  Recently I got a PRO account on SEMrush and I am just amazed with its working as well as reporting. So, I decided why not share a short review of SEMRush here at ARWebZone.  I hope that this review will be helpful for many new webmasters as well as bloggers.

In this article, I will be discussing:

  • How to Get New Post Ideas with SEMRush
  • How to Track Organic Keyword Rankings
  • How to Track Backlinks with SEMRush

How to Track Organic keywords Rankings in Google

Using SEMrush, you can easily track and get a list of all keywords for which your website/blog is ranked in top 20 search results. You will just have to enter the URL of your blog or your competitor’s blog in SEMRush and it will extract all the keywords for which the blog is ranked in SERPs. You will also get information like position in SERPs, volume of searches, CPC, Traffic etc. for each keyword. This way you can have your blog analyzed for improved as well as declined keywords in Google Search. Reports are updated on daily basis and with their live updates you will be able to see latest rankings of your blog.

SEMrush will also tell you estimate of traffic and other details like SEMRush traffic price, Ads price, SE Traffic, SEMrush Rank etc. It estimates the traffic of a website by volume of keywords for which the website is ranked. So, if your article gets ranked well for a highly competitive keyword then it will boost your SEMRush Rank, Traffic price etc.

Here are the latest Stats of my blog on SEMRush:
SEMRush Stats

Backlinks Tracking with SEMRush

Quality do-dollow backlinks will contribute to higher rankings of your content in Search Engines. But if your backlinks are from spamy & low quality websites then your website might get penalized by Google.

So, backlinks analysis is much essential if you want to get your content ranked well in Google. By using SEMRush, you can easily get a full report of backlinks to your website.  You can go through the list and find suspicious looking and irrelevant backlinks. Finally, use Google Webmaster Tools to get those backlinks demoted.

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Get New Post ideas With SEMRush

Being a blogger, it’s very rare that we face shortage of ideas. Many times it happens that new blog post ideas hit into my mind while I write articles. But it not always happens and majority of new bloggers face this problem of ideas shortage.  SEMRush is a handy tool to explore new topics on which you can write or blog.

First of all create a list of your competitor’s blogs and one by one track their rankings in SERPs using SEMRush. You will get complete stats of your competitor’s blog including the keywords for which their articles are being ranked in Google. Now by seeing the keywords for which your competitors are ranked, you will easily get some interesting & related blog post ideas. It’s NOT PREFERABLE to target the same keyword for which your competitor is getting his/her content ranked.  SEMRUSH REVIEW

At this stage, it’s important to understand the meaning of COMPETITOR & I am going to describe it with the help of example. Like if your niche is Technology then never consider the big giants like Mashable, Tech Crunch etc. as your competitor. Try searching for blogs with authority (Page Rank, Alexa, DA) comparable to your blog. Do some analysis of those blogs on SEMRush. This will help you out to find keyword ideas for which your blog could be ranked easily in Google.

SEMRush can also create a list of your competitor’s websites but that will be based on number of common keywords. So, it’s preferable to find competitor blogs manually and analyze them.

So, these are the 3 main features of SEMrush that helped me a lot in Blogging. You will also find plenty of other useful features including:

  • Advertising Research
  • AdSense Ads Details
  • Track Position Changes in SERPs
  • Ranking Trends
  • Traffic Estimates
  • Domains Comparison


I would be happy if you share your views about SEMRush in comments.

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