Computer viruses are actually programs that copy themselves from one place to another automatically and destroy your data. Apart from infecting your files, there are many viruses that affect the efficiency of person working on PC. In simple words, I will say that these viruses irritate the person working on computer.

For example, some viruses create shortcuts of files present in USB drives. Other computer viruses hide all files and folders on USB drive. Not only they hide files and folders but also disable the option to unhide those files. Actually those viruses are executed by DOS commands that automatically set attributes of all files and folders present on USB drive to “System files and Folders”. And system files are always hidden. For system files, the option to unhide them through properties window will also be disabled.

Hidden System Files

So, in order to show hidden files and folders you will be required change attributes of those files. Firstly, I will recommend you to install antivirus program on your computer. Since USB viruses are much common these days so you can install USB Disk security get rid of USB viruses.

Antivirus programs cannot unhide those system files. You can see all the hidden system files just by unchecking “Hide protected operating system files” from folder options menu. But the trick I am going to share will allow you to make any file as system file or to revert back any system file to normal file.

There are two methods to show system hidden files and folders. You can do this directly by using single DOS command. Alternatively, you can download a single file and run it. Actually, I have created a file containing the required DOS command. Whenever you run that file, it will automatically show hidden files and folders present in that directory. So, there is no more need to write DOS commands again and again.

How to show Hidden System Files and Folders?

In order to show hidden files and folders in Windows 7, open the folder containing you files and click on Organize tab>Folder and search options. Now click on View tab and uncheck the option named “Hide protected operating System Files”. Also click on “Show hidden files and folders” option. When you apply the new settings, all the files and folders will become visible.

If you want to unhide those system files and folders, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the start button and type cmd in the search box.
  • Click on cmd and it will open a black DOS window.
  • Type the following command there and press enter.
  • attrib -H -S G:\*.* /S /D /L
  • Hit enter button and it will show hidden files and folders from G drive.
  • You can replace “G:” in the above command with the path of your required folder or USB drive. Remember that *.* will apply the attribute to all the files and folders present there.
  • In the above command, -H and –S and the attributes. The first one will show the hidden files and folders whereas the second one will convert system files to normal files.
  • If you change negative signs to positive in above commands, it will make those files again hidden and system.
show hidden files and folders

show hidden files and folders

Alternatively you can download a file directly by clicking the button below. Paste the file in directory/drive that contain hidden system files and run it.  This will also show hidden files and folders present there.



If you face any problem, then feel free to comment below. 🙂


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