There are thousands of android applications available free in the market and can be easily downloaded from the Google play store. Android applications available  now a days can serve different purposes. Android antivirus applications are freely available, different media players, Games and other utility softwares are now available in the android market. Also many new applications are being launched by android app developers.

Besides free android applications, there are also premium apps available which are more advanced than free versions. I have selected the 10 best android applications which should be installed by android users. All these applications are totally free of cost and I hope that you will like these apps.

It is the top rated android security application on google play. It provides malware protection and remote cellphone tracker capability. It is the best free antivirus for android devices.


Download Google maps for your android device totally free. voice guided GPS tracking,3D building maps, walking directions live traffic and many other awesome features are included in this free application from Google.


Instagram is the android application with awesome photo sharing and capturing capabilities. Sharing photos with your friends and family became easiest by this application.


It is an online shopping android application. All kinds of men wear.women wear.cosmetics and other fashion accessories can be bought easily from your mobile device. They also offer free shipping and free returns.


It is a meida player application for android devices. Enjoy movies on your mobile phone by using this powerful media player.


This application records the path,distance traveled,speed,elevation e.t.c when you travel anywhere. Share your location on social networks( Facebook,Twitter, Google+) with your friends and family via GPS by installing MyTracks app on your mobile. This application is also developed by Google and it is totally free of cost.


This app allows you to manage your Facebook Pages directly from your android device easily. Post new photos,update your status and respond to your fans. This application is developed by Facebook.


Manage your wordpress blog directly from your android phone. This application is for bloggers and wordpress users. It allows you to Create new posts,moderate comments,upload photos and videos,view stats e.t.c. It supports both and Self hosted wordpresss blogs.


Get know about wireless networks available at your location by using WiFi analyzer application. . It also helps you to connect to a less crowded wifi network.


It is the most popular android camera application available on Google play store. Capture moments from your life with awesome effects and share them with your friends and family. It is also free of cost.

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