Recently i have posted about Top 10 Android applications and i thought why not discuss about Symbian applications. In the past years, Symbian OS was used by many popular Mobile Phone Companies like Samsung, Motorola  Nokia e.t.c. But after the boom in android industry, Symbian OS is going to loose its identity. But Nokia mobile phones still comes up with Symbian OS. Android apps are available on hundreds of websites and also on Google play store and contrary to it, Its difficult to find Useful and working Symbian Applications. The biggest place for Downloading Android apps is Google Play store similarly Symbian Apps can also be downloaded from Nokia ovi store which include both paid and free apps. So, here are the Top 10 Symbian Applications which can be downloaded free of cost.

Camera Lover Pack

This is a photographic application for Symbian mobiles and  it is released by Scalado. It includes different awesome features like PhotoRama Effect by which you can capture and join 3 pictures and they will be joined automatically as if it was captured in a single shot. Other distinct features include burst capturing, Photo Twister, Photo Fusion e.t.c. It is very handy symbian application for photographers. This is a a paid application available at Nokia store but here you can download it free of cost.

Camera Lover Pack


Mobi Shield

One of the best Mobile Security application which protects your Symbian Phone from malwares ,viruses and Trojans e.t.c.

Mobi Shield Symbian

Smart Office

Just like Microsoft Office, You can also create,view,edit,share you documents on your symbian mobile phone by using this application. It also supports pdf, txt and all images formats.

Smart Office Symbian


Maze Lock

Its a security application which locks your mobile phone in a stylish way. Just install this application and set you custom pattern by joining the circular buttons and save the settings. It will lock your phone automatically after the specified time. Draw the same pattern that you set earlier in order to unlock your phone. The Background Images, Font colors, pattern colors e.t.c can also be customized and different other features are included in the paid version of Maze lock symbian application.

Maze Lock Symbian



Its a social application allows you to make free calls,send text SMS and image sharing with other Viber Users. You will just need Internet connection which can be a Wifi or your mobile internet can also be used. Just signup at Viber and after verification of your account using mobile number,it will automatically grab your friends and family accounts from your contact list.

viber symbian app


Paint Pad

Its a simple and free paint tool for symbian mobiles. Just link Ms Paint in Windows it also includes all the basic painting and drawing tools. You can also edit existing images and save your drawings in jpeg format.

Symbian Nokia Paint Pad S60v5


Universal Converter

This application allow users to convert different units of length, weight, temperature etc. It includes more than 30 categories and thousands of conversions units. A very helpful application for students who have to do a lot conversions from different units of measurements. It is also a paid application here you can download it free.

Universal Converter Free Download


Nokia Battery Monitor

It shows you all the statistics of your nokia battery life, Estimated Usage, Battery charging time e.t.c. It will also show you Daily and weekly battery usage by different applications installed on your phone. You can also adjust brightness and Turn the power saving feature on or off through simple interface which will increase your battery timing.


Nokia Battery Monitor

Lock On Gallery

If you want to lock your private data including photos,music, videos e.t.c on your mobile, Lock on Gallery application will serve the purpose. Once you define a pass code in the settings, It will ask for password each time you access galleries. You can also setup Auto main screen lock up feature using this app.

Lock On Gallery


Call Blocker

Block unwanted calls just by black listing the contact number you don’t want to receive call from and it will not irritate you any more. A simple to use application for Symbian Mobiles. You can also set custom reply messages to different numbers which will be sent according to the application settings.

Call Blocker

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