WordPress is the most common blogging software used these days by Pro bloggers and also its becoming popular among New bloggers. There are many reasons behind this success of wordpress.  Wordpress is user friendly, its very easy to install and manage,transfer, SEO, etc. Also there are thousands of wordpress plugins available over the internet and most of them are free to use. Although, every plugin has its own use and advantages,yet installation of so many plugins will make your site heavy and it will take more time to load.

A wordpress blog must have a SEO plugin, so that the bloggers can optimize the blog posts, images with keywords,by adding meta descripton and proper title of the posts in order to get higher ranking in search results. Also, social networking plugins are most important for blogs so that the visitors can easily share the content which they like on your blog. This will also boost traffic from social networking sites. also many other recommended plugins about which we will discuss in detail below.

Here are the top 10 wordpress plugins which a wordpress blog must have. Hope that you will like all these all plugins.


WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is a SEO plugin coded and released by Joost de Valk . It provides a snippet preview of your post while creating posts. So, that you will get idea how the posts will look in Seach Engine. You can also add Titles and Meta descriptions, Meta keywords for each post separately. This will help you to increase your search ranking for google and also click through rate. This plugin also enables you to write meta details for each tag,category,page etc separately. This plugin also has a capability to create XML site map of your site and notifies about its existence to Google and Bing. You can edit your .htaccess file and robots.txt file directly and also Google authorship can also be easily verified by the use of this SEO plgin. Click here to download WordPress SEO Plugin by  Yoast.


WP – Copy Protect (Protect Your Blog Posts)

If you want to protect your blog posts from being copied, this is the best Plugin for you blog. This plugin has three main features. It can disable text selection on your blog, Disable right clicking on our blog, third the most important is  that it will not affect the SEO of your blog. So, if there are no copycats of your blog this will result better ranking in search results. Click here to download this plugin and keep your blog safe from plagrism.


SEO Facebook Comments

Facebook is the most popular social media site used now a days. So, it can also become a source of traffic for your site.  Here is plugin which will enable your visitors to comment directly on your blog posts with their Facebook account. Simply, after installing this plugin, a box will appear in the comment section of your blog posts  from there, any Facebook user who want to express his/her views about your post can do a comment easily. Also there is an option to post the link of post on your wall while commenting. The comments can be moderated by using the application you create on Facebook before using this plugin. Click here to Download Facebook Comments Plugin for your Blog.

 Fast Secure Contact Form

You can create a contact form for your blog by using Fast Secure Contact Form plugin. The form layout, field, email addresses, buttons,stlyles, all can be customized. There are many other features and its a very user-friendly plugin. Download the Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin by clicking here.

 Wordpress Related Posts Thumbnails

This plugin will add the thumbnails with link to the posts related to the one which is being viewed. The size of thumbnail image, Text font,styles,Number of similar posts, Relation type of posts etc all can be changed by the settings page after plugin installation. You can also custom text as a heading like “You might be also interested in ” , “Related Posts”, etc . Click here to get this plugin.


W3 Total Cache

This plugin improves the performance of your wordpress stie by caching the pages. It increases the server performance and makes your site loads faster. Click here to download this plugin.

WordPress Share this Plugin

This plugin enables the reader to share the content to upto 120 Social media sites. There include Facebook,Twitter,Google +1, Pinterest etc This will increase the social activity of your site. The widget will be embedded below each post and page of your blog and it also counts the number of likes, shares etc on each social network. Here is the link to get more info about this plugin.


 Better WP Security Plugin

This is one of the best wordpress security plugin i have ever seen. It is very simple to use and very effective plugin. The feautres it includes are given below.

  • It change the wordpress dashboard  and admin login URL
  • Can change the name of wp-content folder on server.
  • Can Renames admin user name.
  • Can change the wordpress database table prefix from wp_ to something else.
  • Can ban a host or ip address trying to access important site files.
  • Can create database backups.
  • and many more.

Click here to get information about all the features of this plugin and download info.


WP – SPAM Free

Comment spamming is the most common problem faced by webmasters these days. IF your are also facing the same problem then WP-Spam free plugin is  here to help you. It blocks spam comments with eternal spam links automatically so there is no need to worry about SPAM commenting on your blog. Download this plugin here.


WordPress Stat Press

Very simple and easy to use Plugin for wordpress site, it collects information about latest visitors,spiders,bots on your blog. Their IP addresses, Operation Systems, Internet connection type, Visit counts,posts they visited,Monthly,daily number of visitors and alot of other features. Basically, this plugin manages all the traffic information of wordpress site and make it avaialbe to you simpley by the admin panel of your website. Click here to download this plugin.


I hope that you will like these plugins. Also don’t forget to share your views by commenting below.


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