Have you ever thought while sending an email to a client or friend whether it is seen by the receiver or not? There might be a case when you send urgent email to someone and want to know when the person opens your email or clicks on it. Now a days, Web developers are introducing new scripts, programs e.t.c. to facilitate users. Gmail, the most popular email client used by millions of people from all over the world also can be integrated with a simple extension name Right Inbox. It’s a free extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. After installing this extension in your browser, there is no need to place any extra HTML code or script in your email. All you have to do is to check the Track button above the email composing panel in Gmail.

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How to Track Sent Emails?

As I wrote earlier, the extension is pretty simple and you just have to install it in your browser. Click here to download right inbox extension for Chrome or download it for Mozilla Firefox.

After adding this extension to your browser, login to your Gmail account and authenticate the extension.

You will sew new buttons in your email composing panel for tracking emails.

Just click the track button before sending your email and you will get a notification via email whenever the person reads your email including Email opening date, time, receivers IP Address.

How to Schedule Emails to be sent later?

Another feature included in Right Inbox extension is that you can also schedule emails to be sent later on. You just have to set the time and date for sending the email and click the blue send later button and the email will be sent on specified time and date.

Right inbox-schedule

There are some limitations on free plan of Right Inbox extension, like you can are allowed 10 email tracking and 10 scheduled emails in free plan. Your can upgrade to paid packages to avail more benefits.

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