Recently I have shared a complete guide to add feedburner subscription to WordPress blogs. Today, I am going to share an interesting trick that will let you enable auto tweets on your twitter profile with the help of Google feedburner. Actually feedburner is a service by Google that allows people to burn website feeds with latest updates in a simplified manner. You can enable email subscriptions for your blog using Feedburner. You can also link your Social profiles with feedburner feeds. So, when there is an update in your feeds, it will be automatically publicized to your social profile (twitter). Here I am going to discuss in detail How to Setup twitter auto tweets with the help of feedburner.

Twitter Auto Tweets

How to Setup Twitter Auto Tweets Using Feedburner?

If you are already using feedburner for your blog then you will not face any problem to setup auto tweets for RSS feeds of your blog. For newbies, I am going to share whole procedure that will enable them to setup twitter auto tweets. New posts from RSS feeds will be automatically tweeted to your twitter profile using this trick.


First of all you will have to login to Feedburner account using Google account details. You will need RSS feeds URL of the blog for which you want to setup auto tweets of new articles. Here I am going to setup auto tweets for ARWebZone.

Type the blog URL or RSS feeds URL of the blog for which you want to enable auto tweets and hit the next button.

Enter Website URL or RSS Feeds URL

Enter Website URL or RSS Feeds URL

Select a custom title and feed URL so that you can identify your feed. I will recommend you not to change it and press the next button.

Feed Title and URL

Feed Title and URL

Now skip directly to feed management and click on publicize tab from the menu.

Feeds Publicize - Socialize

Feeds Publicize – Socialize

Click on Socialize link from the services listed in left menu and add your twitter account to feedburner.

Authorize Google Feedburner to Use Twitter

Now after formatting the auto tweets you will have to activate this service.

Tweet Formatting

Tweet Formatting

You can also use #Hash tags with twitter auto tweets as well as you can filter your favorite keywords for tweets.

So, that’s all about setting up Twitter Auto Tweets using Feedburner. You can use this method to automatically tweet latest post updates of your favorite blogs.  If you want to cancel auto tweets then simply deactivate Socialize service from feedburner.

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