Conference calling became much popular these days where people don’t have enough time to travel & attend meetings far off from their places. It not only saves time but also other companies expenditures including travelling costs etc.

A number of conference calling softwares are apps available in market these days. Out of number of available , today I am here with a review of UberConference conference calling application.

Uberconference overview

Uber Conference – Affordable Conference Calling Application

How UberConference Works?

Uberconference is basically a conference calling application that turns the traditional voice calling to a visual interface. One person can be the organizer & the other sub-ordinates will be able to join the conference. Companies can use it to arrange instant meetings as well as people can use it to get connected with friends & family members. You can invite people to the arranged meeting by email, call or text messages. You can import contacts from your mobile phone or enter the email addresses of the participants directly for invitation.

All the participants can see who is already on conference call. When a new person joins the conference, his/her name and picture will be shown to all attendees. Names of all attendees along with personal picture & links to social profiles will be shown to every person attending the meeting. It will also notify you who is speaking at the time, so that you may not get confused that who is the speaker?

UberConference - Profile Overview

Some Other Distinct Features


Basically Uberconference is a free application available for you to make conference calls from your desktop or using mobile apps. Just after creating an account at official UberConference website, you will be able to create unlimited conference calls. You can download their desktop application, android, iOS apps totally free of cost.

In order to get some extra features like automatic call invitation to participants, Call recording, Calling with local number, Increasing number of participants, conference scheduling etc. you will have to upgrade to pro plan which costs 10$/month.


Uberconference now save you from entering long pin codes again & again for authentication. You can start a conference call within seconds. All you need to do is to authenticate the numbers from which you might be calling (Home/ Office/Cell numbers etc.). If you have the contacts of participants imported in your UberConference contacts list & you invite them to conference then the participants will be able to join meeting without entering PIN codes.

For instant meeting or allowing new people to attend the conference, you can provide them a specific PIN code that will authenticate them to join the conference.

Uberconference - My Conferences

Documents Sharing

Another great feature of UberConference which I like is documents sharing. Participants can share documents, presentations and other notes with everyone attending the conference, totally free of cost. This will be helpful to communicate plans & agendas.  Evernote can be easily integrated with UberConference & that makes it easy to share notes with attendees of conference.

You can also get call summaries including duration, date, time, participant details, call recording links & chat transcripts to Evernote notebook after adding it to Uberconference.

A Short Overview

Here is a short overview of UberConference Service & their features.

So, these are the features which I like the most on UberConference. If you have anything to say then feel free to add it in comments.


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