Android pattern lock is no doubt an easy way to protect your mobile phone from unauthorized people. Apart from security concerns it can also cause troubles for you. Like if you forget android pattern lock or draw incorrect pattern multiple times then your phone will be automatically get locked. So this post teaches you How to unlock android pattern lock easily without internet connection. So if you want to bypass pattern lock on android phone or tablet then this article will help you out in this regard.

Forgot Android Pattern Lock? Unlock it Now!

Usually If you attempt to draw incorrect pattern 5 or more times then your phone will be locked for some time like 30 seconds. If you keep on drawing the wrong pattern then your phone will get permanently locked with error message “Too many Pattern Attempts!” There are two different methods to unlock android pattern lock and the procedures are given below:

1- By Signing Into Google Account

If your phone has been permanently locked then the lock screen will show you a login box. If WiFi or mobile data is turned on & you have an active internet connection then you can enter Google account credentials and tap the signin button in order to get Bypass Android Pattern Lockyour android phone unlocked instantly. If you have set a security question then you will also see an option to answer the security question in order to get your device unlocked.

If Wifi is turned off then you will have to hard reset your phone and its procedure is explained below.

2- By Hard Resetting Your Device

Now if you don’t have internet access then the only option to get your phone unlocked is to hard reset it. Unfortunately this method wipes out all user data stored on Phone memory including contacts, Photos, Videos etc. If you already got backup of all important data then you are lucky and there should be no harm in factory resetting your device.

  1. Turn off your Device.
  2. Press the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously.
  3. When you see android logo screen then release the buttons.
  4. Select Android System Recovery option from the list.
  5. Select Factory Reset option from the next menu.
  6. If it asks for confirmation then tap on the “Yes” button.
  7. Now wait for 1-2 minutes for the Factory reset to get completed.
  8. Reboot your device & it will not ask you again for pattern.

In some phones you will need to press the home button along with volume up & down buttons in order to access android system recovery.

Final Words

It is always preferable to use Pin or password instead of pattern lock in order to avoid such issues. You should also set a security question to unlock the pattern after too many wrong attempts. Also you should enable Location based Wifi from the settings panel of your phone so that it will be automatically turned on when it catches signals of a known WiFi connection. This feature will also save your battery.  The last but not the least tip is to keep timely backup of all your important data.

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