Computer viruses can cause a severe harm to your computer as well as you can face loss of your precious data. Computer antiviruses serve the purpose of system protection from viruses and threats.  Recently I have shared 8 best antivirus soft wares in 2013. You can use antivirus softwares  to scan data on your local hard disks as well as on USB portable devices.

USB devices are the most common sources of viruses and threats. So, if you attach an infected USB device to your computer, it can kill your computer in minutes.  Usually autorun.inf files are used to execute malicious codes when a USB device is attached to a computer. So, protection from USB viruses should be your top most priority.

So, here I came up with USB disk security software that can help you to ensure maximum system security.

USB Disk Security – USB Antivirus

USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security

USB Disk security is the best USB antivirus software that was launched by zbshareware. It can automatically detect and delete USB viruses within seconds when you attach a USB flash device to your system.

Sometimes USB viruses are executed when you open the USB drive. If you have installed USB disk security on your PC, then it will automatically quarantine all the malicious files present in your USB.

Along with USB virus removal, you can lock USB drives. It will prevent unauthorized people to copy your data to USB drives. So, you can protect your computer data from being copied without your permissions using USB disk security.

Data Protection USB Disk Security 6.3

Data Protection USB Disk Security

Usually it happens that our friends come up with infected USB devices and attach them without scanning.  You can prevent them from attaching USB devices to your computer without permissions using this software.

There are some other important System Tools available with USB disk security software that worth mentioning. These system tools include:

  • Disk Cleanup – Delete temporary and useless files from temporary internet files.
  • Repair System – Can restore malicious changes made by viruses.
  • Auto start list – Control the applications that are automatically launched on system startup.
System Tools - USB Disk Security

System Tools – USB Disk Security

As I have already mentioned that USB disk security software can automatically delete malicious and infected files from USB drives. Sometimes viruses infect .exe files and if you try to copy that file through USB device then there are chances that this software may delete your files.  No problem, you can easily get back your files from quarantine of USB Disk Security. Quarantine includes all the unsafe files that are deleted by USB disk security. Remember that if you restore any infected file, it can also infect other files on your hard disk.

Quarantine USB Disk Security

Quarantine USB Disk Security

Finally, you want to download USB Disk Security? Click the download button below and have maximum system protection.


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