WhatsApp is the best cross platform mobile messenger that is used by millions of people world-wide. It is a free text messaging app for Ipad, IPhone and other mobile devices. In this article I am going to discuss How to Download Whatapp for Ipad and Install it.

You can send unlimited free text messages to your friends or family members using WhatsApp. The only requirement is that you should be connected to Internet via Wi-Fi/mobile data or 3G connection. Along with messages, you can send images, videos and audio files to other WhatsApp users.

I have already listed WhatsApp in my recent articles of Top Symbian Apps and Best Free Text Messaging Apps for Android. So, Android and Symbian users can get it by following those articles.

WhatsApp is available Free for IPhone. But unfortunately it is not officially available for Ipad & Ipod. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use WhatsApp on your Ipad.  Because in this article I am going to share a trick that will let you install Whatapp on Ipad without jail breaking it.

whatsapp - Free Text Messaging App

WhatsApp For IPad Free Download

Till now, WhatsApp is available for Apple IPhone but not for their tablets i.e. IPad and Ipod Touch. So, you will have to first download it for IPhone and then you will be able to install it on IPad (1,2,3, mini) or IPod by following the method which I am going to describe below.

Download WhatsApp For IPhone

How to Install WhatsApp on IPad?

Before proceeding, let me tell you that you will need an IPhone in order to install whatsApp on IPad tablet. If you already have then its great, else you can borrow it from any friend.


  1. Check if your IPhone already has WhatsApp installed or not. If it is installed then remove it and download it again.
  2. Open WhatApp, enter your own Mobile number and verify it by entering the security code which you get via SMS.
  3. Now go to i-funbox.com, Download and install it on your PC. It is available for both Windows and MAC.
  4. Connect your IPhone to Computer and open IFunBox application which you have recently installed.
  5. Click on User Applications and you will see a list of installed apps. Find WhatsApp and click on it.
  6. Now create a new folder on your Desktop and copy the Documents and Library Folders to it and Disconnect your IPhone.
  7. Download WhatsApp for iOS by clicking here. Find the WhatsApp.ipa file which you downloaded and copy it to the new folder you already created on Desktop (containing Documents and Library Folders).
  8. It will be located at ~MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications/ in MAC and ~My MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications in Windows.
  9. Connect your Ipad with PC and open iFunBox.
  10. Click on Insall App button and locate the WhatsApp.ipa file which you have already copied.
  11. The installation will be started automatically.
  12. From IFunBox, click on User Applications =>WhatsApp, and Delete the Documents and Library folder listed there.
  13. Copy the Documents and Library folders from your Desktop and paste them under WhatsApp Directory in IFunBox.
  14. Disconnect your IPad.

Now you can Use WhatsApp on your IPad or Ipad Mini normally as people use on SmartPhones.  Same procedure can be adopted to install Whatsapp on Ipod. You may use WhatsApp on PC by using BlueStacks.

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