With the advent of social networking, technology has taken a leap and we, humans, have surrendered to it.  It was back in 2010 when WhatsApp was introduced and since then it has become an integral part of our lives. This communication platform has influenced our cultural landscape as it has taken charge of our lives.

Every person who owns a smartphone has WhatsApp installed in it, which is why the app has reached over one billion base users worldwide. No other app for example, Facebook or Twitter can replace WhatsApp as it allows the exchange of encrypted end-to-end messages. It is a free instant messaging app using internet to make calls, send texts with emoticons and offers various other services.

In the current techno-digital era people are hooked to WhatsApp, constantly typing on their device. With dangers lurking behind the internet being prevalent, it has become important to safeguard your self-interest as well as those of your loved ones. This can be done through digital monitoring so that you can easily find out who they’re talking to and what they’re looking at.

From among a plethora of WhatsApp spy apps, we have curated for you 3 top spying apps that will help you monitor all the activities of your target taking place on WhatsApp. Read through the brief reviews so that you can make an informed purchase decision for later.

Best WhatsApp Spying Apps

  1. Mspy

MSpy WhatsApp Tracking

One of the popular monitoring apps, Mspy remains at the forefront of the monitoring spectrum mainly because of the extensive range of features and its ease-of-use. With the app, you can easily track WhatsApp messages of your target as well as the message details. Also, Mspy lets you view the photos, videos, audio notes, documents or any other files exchanged between your target and their contacts. Mspy deals in stealth monitoring so it runs quietly in the background in the target phone. You can monitor your target through online console without letting them know about it.

One preeminent feature of Mspy, not available in other apps is a restriction of incoming calls. You can easily block a certain incoming number in your target phone, and that too remotely. Not kidding!

However, there are some downsides too. The app is quite expensive and offers only a limited number of features if your target phone is Non-rooted or Non-Jailbreak.

  1. Xnspy

XnSpy WhatsApp

You can’t talk about WhatsApp monitoring without mentioning Xnspy. It is the best WhatsApp spying app that has a powerful yet intuitive user interface. It is a cinch to install and works best with all iOS and Android smartphones. It offers covert monitoring therefore, all the data from the target phone is transferred to the user device via the control panel where you can view the live updates of your target’s activities. If you’re looking for a budgeted app, Xnspy is indeed a decent pick.

What makes Xnspy distinct among its competitors? Apart from its flexible pricing, there are certain add-ons in Xnspy which make it worth buying. Instead of reading every message, you can watch-list certain keywords in the control panel so that you can track the message correspondence of your target in which those words are used. Then you can look up for other details including name of message sender/receiver, their contact number, and date and time stamp. It also allows automated recording of phone calls of the target to listen to their phonic conversation whenever you want.

Besides being the best WhatsApp spying app, Xnspy is not flawless. It only allows real-time reporting and monitoring only when there is an internet connection in the target phone. Also, it lacks in offering a free trial to the users.

  1. Flexispy

FlexiSpy WhatsApp Spy Application for Android

With its simplistic monitoring features, Flexispy rules the world in spying tools. The software is quite advanced in digital monitoring. It is a highly reliable tool in monitoring WhatsApp data of the target. You can view chats, calls, and multimedia files shared between target and their contacts. Along with other message details, you can also view the profile picture and status of the person in contact with your target on WhatsApp.

Apart from WhatsApp monitoring, the program offers incredible and distinguished features. Its call intercept features enable the user to listen to live telephonic conversations between the target and their contacts.

Flexispy is a bit technical though. Its installation process is complicated and requires an initial configuration that is often time-consuming. Also, the app is pricey as it offers advanced functioning.


Though ‘spying’ is generally used as a negative connotation, it often serves an innocent purpose. Whether you are a concerned parent, a protective spouse, or zealous boss, the best WhatsApp spying app can help you maintain work-life balance. All the apps mentioned above are top-rated apps but Xnspy is far ahead of in competition than others. With its modest pricing, array of extensive features, and good customer service, the app is designed for tech wizards and less savvy people alike, offering endless uses and possibilities to potential customers.

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