Apple seems to be everywhere you look these days and there is no getting away from them. They are talked about on every tech website imaginable on a daily basis. Half the people you sit next to on the train to work will have an iPhone in their hand. Even though they are a powerful company there are still people who seem to think the new iPhone 5 sucks. Let’s look at some of the reasons they might prefer to stick to their land-line telephone instead.

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Why IPhone 5 Sucks?

1- You don’t really own your phone

When you take your phone home from the shop you would assume you own it outright, but apparently the only thing you own is the material the phone is made from. You definitely don’t get to decide what to do with it which is why many people end up breaking the rules by jail-breaking their phone.

You dont really own your Phone

2- The hardware changes are minimal

When you spend a lot of money on a phone you expect it to be completely different to the version you had years ago. Unfortunately this is not the case and it’s obvious just by looking at the hardware. The battery in the iPhone 5 might be slightly better and the screen will display more pixels, but nothing else has really changed.

Minimal Hardware Changes

3- It looks the exact same

If there were 5 different versions of the iPhone lying on a table would you be able to pick out the latest version without studying them in great detail? Even popular cars look completely different every few years because manufacturers know people will enjoy change. Maybe Apple are too scared to try something different. That’s another reason why IPhone 5 Sucks.

iphone 5 sucks

4- It’s still hard to type

Nobody is going to write a book on their iPhone because the keyboard is still not great, but even typing a long message is sometimes harder than it needs to be. People with big thumbs just aren’t meant to have an iPhone. In the future I’m sure Apple will be able to come up with a keyboard that suits everyone.

Hard to Type

5- You will probably break it

The new iPhone is slightly thinner which means it’s even more likely you will end up breaking it. You wouldn’t be the first person to constantly drop your phone because of butter fingers, but the fact it’s so delicate means it’s not going to last long. You better start rubbing glue into your hands in the morning.

You will proabably break it

6- Siri isn’t good enough

One day Siri will definitely change the world, but it’s going to be a long time before that ever happens. Do you remember when it was first released and everyone used it for about 2 weeks? They then stopped because it wasn’t good enough and the version inside the new iPhone is still rubbish. Hopefully they get it right when the iPhone 10 is released.

Not good Siri - IPhone 5

7- A new version will be out soon

If you still don’t have a new iPhone you should save your money because a new version will be out very shortly. After the new version comes out you should wait again because it won’t be long before a new one comes out after that. I guess you just have to accept that you’ll always have an outdated phone unless you get in there really quick.

IPhone 5 Latest Version

8- They are so expensive

I wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little sick every time you looked at the price of a brand new iPhone. They cost around $600 dollars which is more than double the price of a full-sized laptop. It wouldn’t be so bad if smartphones were expensive to produce, but when you realize they’re making 500% on each phone it’s a little hard to take.

IPhone 5 is Expensive

9- You are carrying a brick

Do you remember when everyone used to want their phone to be as small as possible? Some phones that were released ended up being the same size as a box of matches. Now that people are addicted to smartphones it’s completely changed and phones are now huge. It almost feels like you’re carrying a brick around in your pocked instead of a phone.

IPhone or Brick

10- It’s an Apple product

We can’t have an iPhone-bashing article without saying it sucks because it’s an Apple product. Some people hate everything to do with Apple and they would never touch an iPhone with a 10ft pole, whereas the Apple fan boys will buy everything the company release. I’ll let you decide which side of the fence to sit on.

Apple Iphone Logo

I’m sure there are more

You could sit here all day and complain about why the iPhone 5 sucks, but at the same time you could also talk about how great it is. Nobody is claiming it’s the greatest invention in the world, but at the moment there isn’t really anything better on the market. If all these reasons haven’t put you off yet I’m sure nothing else will.


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