WordPress is the best blogging platform for self-hosted blogs. Now people are also using WordPress CMS to create portfolio, personal and business websites. Recently I read somewhere that some USA government websites are also made on WordPress platform. WordPress Copyright infringement is one of the major problems that are being faced by many website owners. With the increase of blog popularity, copyright issues become more common. So, it is recommended to include a copyright notice to the footer of your websites in order to protect your content from theft.

In this post, I will discuss some useful methods and WordPress plugins that will keep your WordPress blog safe from content scrapper. You will be able to directly add copyright notices and badges to your WordPress website.

Copyright WordPress Footer

For WordPress users, there are different methods to add copyright notice to footer as well as you can use copyright badges.  You can manually edit your theme footer file and place your copyright notice in the form of HTML link. The format will be

Copy Right © 2013 <a href="http://www.website.com">Website Name</a>. All Rights Reserved.


You can directly copy paste the c in the circle, i.e. the copyright © symbol.

In the above method, I have manually placed the current year of copyright notice. You can also use a WordPress plugin to add copyright notice to your footer. A plugin named Blog Copyright is the best one that automatically updates the current year of copyright notice. You can easily modify copyright notice as well as include starting year using blog copyright plugin for WordPress.


WordPress Copyright Badges


Copyscape Badges for WordPress

Copyscape is one of the best website to check copies of your content on other sites. It will help you out to track websites with same content as yours. WordPress copyscape plugin allows user to check duplicate posts and pages directly from WordPress admin dashboard.  You will need Copyscape username and API in order to work with this plugin.  You can signup for their premium service in order to get API.

WordPress copyscape badges

WordPress copyscape badges

You may also place copyscape Anti-Plagiarism banners free to any webpage. This will notify your readers that you are taking measures to protect your content from being copied.  It will help you out to fight against content scrappers. I will recommend you to place a copyscape banner at the footer of your wordpress site or at the end of each post.


DMCA Protection Badges

DMCA badges are the best way to inform your visitors about Copyright of content. Now, WordPress users can easily add different DCMA copyright badges by using a plugin. DMCA allow website owners to place their protection badges totally free of cost.

DMCA Badge protection WordPress

DMCA Badge protection WordPress

DMCA plugin for WordPress makes it easy to embed DMCA badges at specified positions. You may place these badges before or after the content as well as in sidebar widget area. You can choose from a number of DMCA badges and select the suitable location for DMCA badge placement.


Tips for Copyright Protection of Content

After adding copyright notices and badges to your WordPress blog now you have to take some protection measures.  Here are some tips to make your content secure from theft.

Interlinking of Articles

Using RSS feeds of your website, content scrappers can steal content automatically.  So, it is recommended to interlink your posts. So that whenever someone steals your content using RSS feeds, links to original source (yours) will be added automatically. This will help search engines to detect which one is original. It is also helpful regarding SEO point of view.

Link in RSS Feeds

Using WordPress SEO plugin you can put links to your articles before or after each RSS feeds entry. This will also help you out to protect website from content stealers.

Disable Text selection & Right Click

The above two methods are applicable if content scrappers use RSS feeds to steal content. For protection against manual copy paste of articles, a plugin named WP- Copy Protect is there that can disable text selection and right click option on whole WordPress web site.


Tell me what methods you apply for copyrights protection of your blog or website?

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