With the end of my 4th Semester of Civil Engineering, now I am totally free for 3 whole months. Out of so many plans for summer vacations, one was to learn more about Web Programming languages and WordPress development.

So, today I started coding of my first ever WordPress plugin. I thought to start with a simple WordPress plugin. You might have already seen a floating sticky footer bar at the bottom of arwebzone.com .  Basically the idea of floating sticky footer bar was taken from wpbeginner.

Addition of these types of custom features involves editing of theme files and style sheets, So, I planned to write a plugin that adds a stylish floating footer bar at the bottom of WordPress blogs.

After a continuous work of 3 hours, finally I succeeded and achieved my goal. So, my first WordPress plugin named WP sticky footer bar is available for public.

Before moving on to the review of WP sticky footer bar plugin, here are some recommended articles for you.

So, now come towards review of floating sticky footer bar plugin. At this stage, the plugin functionality is simple.

Screen Shots:


WordPress Sticky Footer Bar - Preview

WordPress Sticky Footer Bar – Preview

Admin Panel options - WordPress sticky Footer Bar

Admin Panel options – WordPress sticky Footer Bar



  1. Download WP sticky footer bar Plugin and upload it to wp-content/plugins directory of your blog.
  2. Activate the plugin after uploading.
  3. From WordPress admin menu, Click on the settings tab > Sticky Footer Bar.
  4. Type the name of specific category from which you want to display random post.
  5. Save new Settings.
  6. Visit your blog and Enjoy new feature added to your blog.


These days, a lot of popular blogs like wpbeginner, Huffington Post etc are using this type of sticky footer bar. This plugin will engage your visitors to read other articles of your blog. It will give a professional look to your blog and will also contribute to decrease bounce rate.

If you want to display trending or selected articles randomly in the footer bar, then I will recommend you to create a new category. Add all your trending articles to that category. Finally update plugin settings with the new category name and have fun.

The plugin is very simple at this stage. I have plans to add more functionality to admin panel and styles in future. In the meantime, you can enjoy adding sticky footer bar to your blog within minutes.


Cheers. đŸ™‚



28/6/2013  (v1.2.3)

Close button functionality is added that allows visitors to close WP sticky footer bar anytime.


WP Sticky Footer bar is now listed at Softpedia.. đŸ™‚


WP Sticky footer bar is responsive Now.

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