Many times it happens that we find beautiful websites with attractive designs and features.  Some WordPress blogs look so stylish and attractive that I can’t stop myself searching for their theme. It can take some time to search for a specific theme and if the person removes the copyrights of theme developer then it seems very difficult to get information related to that theme. But now we can easily detect template of any WordPress website within seconds. WP theme detector tool is now available that makes our task easy.


WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a free online tool that is created for the sole purpose of WordPress theme Detection. It will extract all the Theme and plugins information the particular site is using.  In order to detect WordPress theme of any blog, just put the URL of website in the relevant filed and then hit the Detect WP Theme button. After waiting for a few seconds, it will show you complete details about Theme and Plugins of that WordPress blog.

WordPress Theme Detector can provide you following details related to website theme and plugins.

  • Theme Name
  • Author Details
  • Version
  • Description
  • License Details
  • Screenshot
  • Plugins Details
WordPress Theme Detector Tool

WordPress Theme Detector Tool

This tool also checks whether the required website is using child theme or not. If that is the case, then it will provide you information related to the parent WordPress theme.


WordPress Plugins Detection

This tool not only detects WordPress themes but also extracts data related to active plugins that a particular website is using. There is no separate procedure for WordPress plugin detection. Once you put the website URL in the required field, it will extract active plugins information along with theme details.

Remember that this tool cannot detect all the active plugins that a website uses. It displays only those plugins about which some data is present in HTML coding.


WordPress Plugin Detector Tool

WordPress Plugin Detector Tool

How WordPress Theme Detector Works?

Well, this part will be more interesting for many readers. I used WordPress theme detector for my own WordPress blogs and tested the results after making changes. Then finally I came to know about how WordPress Theme Detector actually works.

There are actually two places where this tool looks for getting theme and Plugins information.

For Theme detection, it will fetch the style.css file of current wordpress theme. The header of every WordPress theme stylesheet contains all information related to theme.  So, it will easily extract theme information from there.

For WordPress plugin detection, it will simply look into the source code of WordPress blog.  There it will find links to css files of plugins or it will fetch information from comments generated by active Plugins.

You can try this tool for your own WordPress blogs to see how it works.

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If you have something to say about WordPress Theme detection tool then feel free to comment below.

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