Yahoo Email Login Error on Mobile Browsers

Yahoo mail is one of the leading free email providers these days. Although people are now moving towards Gmail yet many people just love and use Yahoo email services. People also face problems with Yahoo email login screen. Whenever I login to Yahoo account using my laptop, it works fine but sometimes on my mobile phone, I get login errors similar to this one:

“We are sorry that you are having difficulty logging in. Please sign in from our desktop log in screen and then try login again from our mobile login screen.”

This type of Yahoo Mail sign in error is much common on mobile devices. Whether I access Yahoo mail through main website of Yahoo or I directly enter URL I got the same error. So, here I found a simple solution of Yahoo email login error. Actually the problem is with the URL used to access Yahoo email login page. In order to sign in to Yahoo mail from mobile devices, you will have to follow the URL given below:

Yahoo Email Login Problems

Now above URL will work fine for Yahoo email login through mobile devices.  Enter your Yahoo! Account credentials and check your Yahoo email from mobile devices without login errors.

Actually the problem is with the mobile login page of Yahoo email. If you access Yahoo email using the above URL, it will redirect you to desktop login of Yahoo mail. So, that solves the Yahoo email login problem.

Yahoo Email Login Page Redirection Issue

Another issue that is being faced by many Yahoo users is that after logging in to Yahoo email account, it redirects back to the Yahoo email login page. This problem is caused if you are currently logged into any other Yahoo account. So, it is recommended that you should sign out from Yahoo and clear your browser cookies and cache. Again login to Yahoo Email and you will see everything working smoothly.


Yahoo Email Login Alternatives

Yahoo email Login through Facebook

Yahoo! Also provides alternative email login options to their users. You can sign in to Yahoo email account by connecting your Facebook account with Yahoo. For linking Yahoo account with Facebook, you will have to authorize Yahoo application for Facebook to access your account details. It will also require your Yahoo account password for the first time. After successful connection, you will be able to log in to Yahoo mail by using Facebook account.

Yahoo email login through Google

Google provides the best email services i.e. Gmail. With the popularity of Google Gmail among internet users, Yahoo also listed Google as the alternative login for Yahoo email.  You can use your Google account to access Yahoo email by linking both accounts. So, if you forget your Yahoo email password, still you can access Yahoo email by using Google account.

Quick Links

In order to recover Yahoo email login details, follow the link below:

Yahoo Account Recovery

You can easily reset password of Yahoo email or recover it using alternate email address or mobile phone verification.

It is recommended that you should use Yahoo mobile apps for accessing Yahoo email using mobile phones. Follow the links below to get Yahoo mail mobile apps.


If you face any other problem with Yahoo email login then feel free to ask in comments so that we can search for its solution.

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