If you sell products and provide services through your blog then you must provide live chat support to your visitors. It will help them to contact you easily as well as they will be able to chat with you directly through website. Today, I am going to share best live support widget. You can place it on any type of web page by just by embedding a piece of code.  After adding this live chat widget to your website/blog, you customer will be able to discuss about your products/services instantly.

Zopim Live Chat Widget

Zopim live chat support widget is the best free service that allows you to setup live chat support on blogs. A plugin is also available that allows you to add zopim live chat to WordPress blogs. So, let’s come to some distinct features of Zopim Live Chat Support Widget.

Free and Quick Live Chat Support

Zopim provides free live chat solution for bloggers and website owners. So, if you are a starter or having a small website and can’t afford paid chat services then Zopim is the best choice for you.

Easy Installation

Installation of Zopim live chat widget is so simple. Just copy paste the required code and place it in the <head></head> section of your website. For WordPress users, it is even simpler with the help of Zopim Plugin.

Website and Visitors Analytics

Zopim live chat provides full track of visitors, page views, conversations etc. You can get better idea about your website traffic as well as people interested in your products/services etc. It will also provide you active visitors list with countries, referrer details, number of visits, number of chats etc.

Complete Control on Visitors

Zopim live chat allows you to save visitor information including name, email and custom notes for each visitor. Zopim also shows number of previous visits, previous chats and time spent by each visitor on your website. Even it will tell you the location, browser, platform, Ip address, user agent etc.  With the help of all these information, you will able to identify each visitor individually.

Zopim Chat History

You can access all previous chat transcripts from the past two weeks anytime with a free Zopim account.  If you upgrade to premium account then you will be able to access all previous chat history.

Agents and Departments

If you have a large business then you can create separate department for providing live chat support to customers. You can also add new agents in order to serve more visitors, respond faster to chat and to improve customer satisfaction.

Custom Shortcuts

Creating custom shortcuts will save you from typing same message again and again for each visitor. Like if you send a message like “Hi, How may I help you?” to every new visitor then you can create a shortcut by assigning a unique name to it. So, every time you type shortcut name with a forward slash, it will print the same message.

Transfer Chat, ban Users, Translation

One can easily transfer chat to other agents, ban visitors, translate chat directly through zopim live chat window.

Fully customize Zopim Chat Widget

You can easily customize zopim live chat widget according to your website template. Send custom greeting messages to your customers when you are online, away, offline etc. You may also set custom notification sounds when a visitors leaves, comes to chat or leaves chat etc.

Final Words

Zopim is a free and best online chat widget for websites and blogs. Normally people use contact us Pages on websites. By using Zopim live chat widget on your website, you will notice that more people will contact you through zopim live chat widget as compared to contact us page. By adding floating zopim live chat widget to your website, your customers will able to reach you easily.

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